Cooperation with Partners from Practice

Grafik zu Kooperation

  • fairStärkt GmbH

    Bild der Firma Fairstärkt

    Practitioners share their experiences in the lecture on entrepreneurship

    Manuel Toferer and Johannes Heigl participated in the course “Digital Innovation & Transformation” and shared the story of their founded company, fairstärkt. The company’s vision is to promote sustainability and regionalism in consumer behavior. fairstärkt provides a marketplace for businesses producing sustainable and plastic-free products, aiming to be an alternative to Amazon in Austria.


  • Kern Tec GmbH

    Illustration Kern Tec GmbH

    Product Development Inspired by Circular Economy

    On October 13, 2023, Dominik Kasper spoke online in the marketing course about product design within a circular economy. Kern Tec, an Austrian processor of fruit kernels (specifically from stone fruits like apricots, plums, and cherries), transforms what is currently considered waste in Europe (such as in the juice industry) into valuable resources. By carefully washing, drying, and separating the seeds and shells, Kern Tec maximizes their potential. Their commitment to innovation aligns with a philosophy of 100% resource utilization, benefiting not only the environment but also customers who rely on high-quality and innovative products.

     Kern Tec GmbH

Image credit “Connected”: Pixabay_geralt