History of the Department

  • 1988: The Department of Computer Science was founded. It had two sections, the section of Computer Science and the section of System Analysis.
  • 1999: The Department of Computer Science was split into two departments, the  Department of Computer Science and the Department of Scientific Computing. This department was the Department of Scientific Computing, the former section of System Analysis.
  • 2004: The University and its institutions were reorganized. Our Department of Scientific Computing (Institut für Scientific Computing) expanded and it was renamed in German to Fachbereich Scientific Computing. A major amount of staff moved from the the former Department of Computer Science – renamed to Department of Informatics (Fachbereich Informatik) into the Department of Scientific Computing.
  • 2006: The two departments merged into Department of Computer Sciences (Fachbereich Computerwissenschaften).

The History of the Webserver

The webserver set up at the department (at the time there was just one department) was the first webserver in Salzburg and one of the first in Austria. Rumors say that there was just one server prior to ours, set up by  Tim Berners-Lee himself for a talk in Innsbruck.

The original URL was www.cosy.sbg.ac.at, where COSY is short for COmputer science and SYstem analysis. At the time of department separation 1999, the content of the original website was substituted by two completely redesigned websites under the URLs www.scicomp.sbg.ac.at and cs.uni-salzburg.at, one for each department. Also, a separate site (informatik.uni-salzburg.at) was created for the  study of informatics. When the departments merged again in 2006, the original URL www.cosy.sbg.ac.at was reactivated and the design of the SciComp-Website was used with slight modifications. Since June 2013 the website cosy.sbg.ac.at was migrated into the university wide content management system.