Excursion Strasbourg-Luxembourg-Brussels

SE with excursion to Strasbourg – Luxembourg – Brussels

The aim of the course is to give the participants an understanding of the decision-making processes and modes of operation of the European institutions by talking to and discussing with key decision-makers during an excursion to the institutions in Strasbourg, Luxembourg and Brussels.

In preparation, the course will take the form of a “moot court”, in which two fictitious cases will be heard before the ECJ from the perspective of the various parties to the proceedings, the Advocate General and the bench.

The oral hearing will take place within the framework of a full-day seminar at the beginning of May (date: see PlusOnline).

If there are more registrations than places available, the participants will be ranked according to their progress in their studies and their specialisation in European law.

Important dates

Course no. 101.002

(2 hours/5 credits) for the 3rd stage of studies
Optionally creditable from European Law, Administrative Law or Constitutional Law

Preliminary discussion: see PlusOnline
In addition to clarifying organisational questions, the preliminary meeting primarily serves to distribute the tasks for the Moot Court. Personal participation is therefore absolutely necessary.
Seminar: Dates s. PlusOnline