Courses & Training

The demands placed on doctoral students and early-stage scholars/researchers are on the rise. The knowledge and skills needed to successfully complete doctoral studies and transition to a career in academia are not always explicitly addressed as part of a student’s training in his or her field. 
In its current policy paper, Universities Austria recommends that:
“in addition to the education they receive in their fields of specialty doctoral students be given the opportunity to gain additional professional qualifications relevant to their occupation as scientist, scholar or artist but also to high-level employment positions outside of academia, thereby giving them higher career chances when they enter the labour market.”
“Doctoral students should be assisted through a process of self-reflection in order to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses and to stimulate their personal and professional development.”
In addition to the course modules required by the respective faculties, doctoral students at the University of Salzburg can choose from a wide selection of workshops and classes dealing with a diverse array of topics, including personal development, rhetorics, languages, communication, etc.

Beginning in the 2016 winter semester, Doctorate School PLUS students will be offered a programme of courses specially designed to cater to their unique needs.

You can find our course program in PLUSonline in the section  “ Fakultätsübergreifendes Lehrangebot > Docotrate School PLUS