Doctorate YES / NO?

Before starting your doctoral studies, reflect on the suggestions listed here and use the links for further information as a guide, which should lead you to a well-considered decision about your desired career path. In addition, you will be able to better situate yourself with your entire plan, including the chosen dissertation project, if you consider the following points before deciding to pursue a doctorate and can answer the statements with a “yes”.

  • I have clear ideas about the chosen topic and I am very motivated to work on it over a longer period of time.
  • My topic is in an existing field of research.
  • The research question is designed in such a way that independent research work is possible and provides new scientific knowledge in an already existing research field.
  • The dissertation project can be supervised at PLUS.
  • I already know a person with a habilitation at PLUS who can supervise my dissertation project. I have also already spoken to this person about the research question for the project.
  • I am aware of the time and organisational effort required for a dissertation project and I can adapt my life situation to it.
  • It is definitely the doctorate that I am aiming for to gain qualifications. No other programmes – a career-oriented Master’s programme or a university course – will lead me to my desired professional development.

The doctoral test on offers more support for self-location and orientation.

Which doctoral programmes are offered at PLUS?

Here you will find all doctoral curricula and guides/manuals for the doctoral studies. The Standards & Recommendations Quality in Doctoral Studies – Standards & Recommendations of the Rectorate and the Senate (German only) apply as a guide for all persons involved in doctoral studies. They should refer to the standards and recommendations contained here and, if necessary, also demand them – whether in direct exchange between the persons (groups) involved or within the framework of planning contexts.

Have you thought about becoming a member of a Doctorate School PLUS (DSP) research group?

The aim of the DSP research groups is to network doctoral candidates from different subjects or departments who are working on similar topics and to provide them with broad support for their dissertation project from members of the faculty and external experts. The DSP research groups are linked to the various research areas at PLUS. Interested doctoral students can be associated with a research group. To do so, please contact the head of the respective research group directly. DSP research groups organise different activities; the concrete form of cooperation and the events offered are up to the research groups to decide.