Field of research 
Lichen secondary metabolism 
– Molecular analysis of lichen genes involved in the secondary metabolism and especially the biosynthesis of polyketides (degenerate PCR, cloning, gene expression).
– Chemical analysis of lichen metabolites by TLC, HPLC and GC-MS. 
Phylogeny and taxonomy of lichens and their photobionts 
– Phylogenetic analysis of lichens and the development of appropriate molecular markers.
– Taxonomy and systematics of lichens based on morphology using electron microscopy (SEM; TEM) and light microscopy on freezing microtome sections.
Physiology and photosynthesis of lichens and higher plants 
– Analysis of the photosynthetic capacity and performance of lichens and other plants by gas-exchange in situ chlorophyll fluorescence measurements. 
– Chlorophyll extraction and quantification.