Research Article| Earth Science Reviews October 2021 Elsevier
Hf isotopic constraints and detrital zircon ages for the Austroalpine basement evolution of Eastern Alps: Review and new data.

Chang, R., Neubauer, F., Liu, Y., Yuan, S-H., Genser, J., Huang, Q-W., Guang, Q. B. & Yu, S. Y., 2021, in:  Earth-Science Reviews 221 (2021), 103772


Research Article| Swiss Journal of Geosciences, October 2020

Subduction of a rifted passive continental margin: the Pohorje case of Eastern Alps-constraints from geochronology and geochemistry.

Chang, R., Neubauer, F., Liu, Y., Genser, J., Jin, W., Yuan, S., Guan, Q., Huang, Q. & Li, W., 2 Okt 2020, in:  Swiss Journal of Geosciences. 113, 1, 14.


Ö1-Wissenschaft: Basalt:
CO2-Schlucker mit Vor- und Nachteilen

Das Gestein Basalt kann große Mengen CO2 dauerhaft binden. Forscher sehen darin im Kampf gegen die Erderwärmung großes Potenzial. Allerdings gibt es noch einige offene Fragen und Schwächen in der praktischen Anwendung.

Geology, Research Article| June 24, 2021

Alpine relief limited by glacial occupation time

Bernhard Salcher; Günther Prasicek; Sebastian Baumann; Florian Kober Geology (2021)

GlacierGlaciers exert a major control on the shape of mountain topography. They tend to reduce relief above and scour troughs below the equilibrium line altitude (ELA). While many studies report this dichotomy, relief-limiting effects are controversial due to difficulties in quantifying key factors such as the initial topography, the timing of glacial occupancy, or rock uplift counteracting glacial erosion. Consequently, effectivity and degree of glacial erosion remain ambiguous. In geologically and climatically well-investigated parts of the European Central Alps, our calculation of glacial occupation time (GOT) from Quaternary ELA variations allows the quantification of gradual topographic modifications generated by the cumulative impact of cirque erosion over the Quaternary. We show that under low uplift, relief is effectively limited by glacial and periglacial headwall retreat, leading to a decline in topographic relief as GOT increases.