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What’s happening?

Geoscience Seminar Series

Upcoming seminars include:

Winter Semester 2023 – Matthias Bernet: ‘Western Alps Mountain Building and Biodiversity’  (5 pm in HS 434)

Giorgio Höfer-Öllinger – Unternehmensinhaber – Dr. Giorgio Höfer ZT GmbH |  LinkedIn



A Day at Uni!Students working at petrographical microscopes.

The Department again hosted a class of grammer school students on Tuesday morning, 18th April, 2023. About 50 students experienced a taste of University life, including short lectures and practicals on a range of themes. The morning allowed the students to gain an introduction into the effects of climate change on mountains, processes of mountain building, examination of rocks using different microscopes, how a compass works as well as investigating life in a waterdrop.

Note, there are still some free spots available for up-coming open days!  More information can be found here.



Photo- Movement of the Earth's teconic plates  Photo- Earth plates' jigsaw  Phtot- Sand Experiment: divergent plate boundary  Photo- Sand Experiment - Pattern at a divergent plate margin  Photo- Dr Boekhout with a 'floating' rock  Photo- Calcite as a magnifying glass  Photo- A student using a binocular microscope  Photo- Introduction to thin-sections by Dr Tenczer    Photo- Student sketchs what she sees in the petrographical microscope  Photo- Student using a petrographical microscope  Photo-Lecture by Prof vonHagke on 'The Effect of Climate Change on Mountains'  Photo- View through a petrographical mircoscope

Photos from Elizabeth Holzner and Dr Flora Boekhout.