East China Normal University, Shanghai, China
Department of Ecology and Environmental Research
The East China Normal University (ECNU) in Shanghai belongs to one of the partner universities of the University ofSalzburg. Since 2009, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Breuste has a guest professorship in Urban Ecology at the School of Ecological andEnvironmental Sciences at the ECNU in Shanghai. Additional he is working on joint projects and research with the head ofthe school, Prof. Junxiang Li. So far, the following qualification works have been jointly supervised by the University ofSalzburg:

  • Hodzic, Aisa (2009): Urban Renewal and Urban Greening in Shanghai, V.R. China, Master Thesis Univ. Salzburg
  • Stern, Nicole (2010) Assessment of the socio-ecological functions of green spaces illustrated by the example ofthe megacity Shanghai, Dissertation Univ. Salzburg
  • Schauer, Fabian Johannes (2013): Virtual Excursion into a Megacity on the Example of Shanghai, Diploma ThesisUniv. Salzburg
  • Wallner, Dominic Maria (2010): Soil sealing in Shanghai. A study on the significance, problems and perspective ofthe phenomenon of soil sealing in urban space in the Chinese city of Shanghai, master’s thesis Univ. Salzburg
  • Hohmann, Laura (2013): Analysis of movement activity in urban parks – a study using the example of Pakistan thecities of Shanghai and Frankfurt, master thesis in cooperation with the Univ. Bayreuth


SUMMER SCHOOL at the ECNU, Shanghai
Since 2010 five Summer Schools successfully took place at the ECNU in Shanghai:
2010: “Better Cities – Better Life – Sustainable Cities by Urban Ecosystem Management”, Organizer: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Breuste,Austria, Dr. Li, China
2011: “Megacity Shanghai – Development of a Sustainable Urban Environment” (1st SURE Summer School)
2013: “Urban Development & Urban Ecosystem Services – European Approaches & Shanghai Experiences” (2nd SURESummer School)
2015: “Course Urban Ecosystem Management” (3rd SURE Summer School)
2016: “Urban Development & Urban Ecosystem Services – European Approaches & Shanghai Experiences” (4th SURESummer School)

University of Peradeniya
 Peradeniya University, Sri Lanka
Since 2006, there has been a cooperation in education and research with the University of Peradeniya which hasdeveloped very well. Peradeniya is currently developing a major field of study “Urban Ecology” (Geography study,Landscape Ecology). This corresponds to the requirements of a dynamically urbanizing country in order to shape thisurbanization process better and in an ecological friendly way.Since 2012, the Research Group Urban Landscape Ecology and the Institute of Geography at the University of Peradeniyahave combined a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in which the cooperation is organized even more closely andpurposefully. Two students have already completed their internships lasting several weeks at the University of Peradeniya.In 2013, Magdalena Neuhofer was working on the topic “Kandy homegardens” and successfully completed a qualificationwork. Christina Kirchsteiger completed an internship in 2014 and prepared her diploma thesis “Sri Lanka as an Example forAustrian Geography Lessons”.
Within the framework of the North-South Dialogue Scholarship Program of the OeaD for the promotion of scientificresearch and education, Dr. Ing. Jayathunga Dissabandara Sunimal Rajamunilage received after 3 year (2006 – 2009) at theDepartment of Geography & Geology of the University of Salzburg in our Research Group his PhD. In 2009, he completedhis dissertation on “Investigation of Relations between Ecotourism and Nature Conservation in Sri Lanka” with greatsuccess. Meanwhile, Dr. Jayathunga is the Director of Sustainable Development at the Ministry of the Environment in SriLanka and represents his country in these matters at all international levels (for example, Climate Summit).
In 2014, we were able to congratulate Mrs. Lalitha Dissanayake for her graduation thesis “Urban Stream Corridors:Environmental status and restoration strategies: case of three tributaries in Upper Mahaweli River, Sri Lanka”. Dr.Dissanayake was at our Department from 2011 to 2014 within the framework of her own scholarship program.
Since 2009, Prof. Breuste regularly holds (initially with the participation of Dr. Ing. Jayarthunga) annual excursions on thetopic “Tropical island biomes – sensitive ecosystems, their exploitation and their protection – the example of the island ofSri Lanka”, which has been repeated for the sixth time in April 2017.
Sri Lanka Exkursion 2017


With the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for cooperation in research and teaching, which has existed since 2012,and also through a total of 6 visits by Univ.-Prof. Breuste in Peradeniya has formed a stable foundation for the cooperationand the common research field and interest “Urban Ecosystem Management”.
Joint research using the example of Urban Green in Kandy – Six joint publications.

Tabriz University


The University of Tabriz is currently building up its international contacts with Western partners. The University of Tabriz iscurrently building a focus on urban ecology in the study landscape architecture. This corresponds to the requirements of adynamically urbanizing country in order to shape this urbanization process in an ecologically way. The University of Tabrizaims for this focus as the only university in Iran so far.
Cooperation with this institution in Iran has already been prepared through several steps.
1) Dr. med. Akbar Rahimi, Assistant Professor, Department of Landscape Engineering, Agricultural Faculty at the TabrizUniversity was invited to a three-month research visit to the Research Group Urban and Landscape Ecology of theDepartment of Geography and Geology, University of Salzburg. Here, the basis of the cooperation has laid and thecommon research field “Urban Ecosystem Management” was defined.
2) 2013 to 2016, an intensive exchange of research was conducted. This includes support in the supervision of doctoralstudents in this area in Tabriz by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Breuste, the active participation of Dr. med. Rahimi at the South AsiaChapter of the Society for Urban Ecology (SURE) and joint research work on the example of Urban Green in Tabriz.
3) Joint publications (Breuste, J., A. Rahimi 2014a, b) and the joint appearance at the IFLA-APR Fifth International CulturalLandscape Conference of Landscape Architects 2014 in Teheran with a paper (Breuste,, J., A. Rahimi 2014b ).

University Bangkok

Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand
Cooperation with the Social Research Institute (CUSRI) of Chulalongkorn University Bangkok, Thailand, on UrbanEcosystem Management
As part of the long-standing cooperation with the Social Research Institute (CUSRI) at Chulalongkorn University Bangkok,Thailand, the 6th International Workshop on “Ecological Aspects of Urban Development” was held in 2015, each withdifferent examples from the agglomeration of the megacity Bangkok , organized in cooperation with the Faculty ofArchitecture of Kasetsart University Bangkok, local authorities, NGOs and PhDs. The topic of the International Forum 2015,which was jointly organized with the Research Group Urban Landscape Ecology, was “Urban Green Space: Eco-socio-cultural views”. The event was held with the support of AseaUninet. On the part of Salzburg Prof. Dr. Breuste was involvedwith a lecture paper. Associate Professor Suwattana Thadanit, President of the Association of Thai Planners, SeniorAdvisor to CUSRI and member of the Faculty of Architecture of Kasetsart University Bangkok, brought in the perspective ofThai urban planning, especially with the example of Bang Krachao in the agglomeration of Bangkok. They emphasized thepotential importance of urban agriculture and gardening for securing the available space. Dr. Bharat Dahiya, expert inurban development in Asia, supported and promoted the discussion on Ecological Urban Development and finallysummarized the findings. He also designed the book publication, which was discussed in detail. Associate ProfessorVithaya Kulsomboon, director of CURSI, has in turn emphasized his great interest in further cooperation and will activelysupport further cooperation.