Staff at the Department of Environment & Biodiversity

The team of the Department of Environment & Biodiversity consists of more than 80 scientists with relevant professional and methodological expertise in the field of Environment & Biodiversity. Our team is divided into four divisions: Geology and Physical Geography, Botany, Zoology and Science Education. These divisions are subdivided into further thematic research fields. Teaching and research in the department is actively supported and coordinated by our secretariats and technicians.

Staff Geology and Physical Geography

Geology and Physical Geography

1) Geology 2) Geomorphology 3) Climate and Environmental Dynamics 4) Urban & Landscape Ecology

Geologie & Physische Geographie

Staff Botany


1) Ecology of plants 2) Evolution & systematics of plants 3) Physiology of plants


Staff Zoology


1) Community Ecology & Biodiversity 2) Zoological Evolutionary Biology 3) Physiology, Morphology, Developmental & Behavioural Biology

Foto Zoologie

Staff Science Education

Science Education

1) Biology & Environmental Education 2) Geography & Economics


Administrative and technical staff

Administration Staff and Technicians

Team Environment & Biodiversity

Administration & Technik

Staff institutions


1) Botanical Garden & Herbarium 2) Core Facility Electron Microscopy