Departmental Staff

Office hours and Opening Hours

Please see this PDF for consultation hours and opening times for the summer semester 2020! Only valid during the lecture period!

Members of the Department

Head of Department
  • Gniewosz Burkhard, Univ. Prof.

Deputy Head of Department, Chairman of the Curriculum Commission

  • Paschon Andreas, Senior Lecturer

Deputy Head of Department

  • Baros Wassilios, Univ. Prof.
Scientific Staff in Research and Teaching
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  • Astleitner Hermann, Ao.Univ.-Prof.
  • Baros Wassilios, Univ.-Prof.
  • Bütow Birgit, Univ.-Prof.
  • Eder Sylvia, Senior Lecturer
  • Fleidl Martin, Univ.-Ass. (Diss.)
  • Gniewosz Burkhard, Univ.-Prof.
  • Gugg Ricarda, Univ.-Ass. (Diss.)
  • Hörl Gabriele, Ass.-Prof.
  • Holztrattner Melanie, Univ.-Ass. (Diss.)
  • Hofmann Franz, Ao.Univ.-Prof.
  • Lechner Theresa
  • Paschon Andreas, Senior Lecturer
  • Raithelhuber Eberhard, Ass. -Prof.
  • Riffert Franz, Univ.-Prof.
  • Reindl Marion, Ass. -Prof.
  • Seichter Sabine, Univ.-Prof.
  • Steffel Matthias, Univ.-Ass. (Diss.)
  • Theurer Thomas, Univ.-Ass. (Diss.)
  • Wetzel Gottfried, V.Ass.
Office for Student affairs for Educational Science
  • Eder-Neuhauser Margret
  • Weissenbach Christina

Departmental Office for Educational Science

  • Maierhofer-Reisch Christina Maria (eternity leave)
  • Rüdiger Jens