General Educational Science (focus: theoretical and methodological foundations)

The research and teaching of general educational science aims for the analysis and critical reflection of the plurality and the heterogeneity of educational theories and paradigms from the past and present. From both a historical-systematic perspective as well as from a cultural-scientific approach, fundamental anthropological phenomena, the meaning and function of (institutionalised) education and training as well as fundamental ethical questions of educational professionalism are explored. Thereby, a person (whatever their phase of life) is both the recipient as well as the protagonist of educational and training processes from the point of educational research and namely in the area of tension between cultural and social conditions on the one hand and personal decision making on the other. With this epistemological basis, innovative ideas and orientations in the discipline as well as the educational profession are developed.



  • Sabine Seichter, Univ.-Prof. Dr. (Coordinator)
  • Sophie Schubert, MA (PhD Student)
  • Claudia Schwertl, MA (Senior Scientist)
  • Matthias Steffel, Dr. (Postdoc)