Association for Humanitarian Activities of the University of Salzburg (H.A.U.S.)
The goals of the Association are

  • 1. to support students and members of the University of Salzburg in situations of special need
  • 2. to support humanitarian activities of the senate, of separate faculties and departments of the University of Salzburg as well as its employees and students.

The financial resources required for the purposes of the Association come from members’ subscriptions, donations and other sources of income such as, in particular, the annual book bazaar.
Unpaid and voluntary
All those involved in running the Association do so on a voluntary and unpaid basis. Administrative costs are paid by the active members themselves or by sponsors. As a result, all moneys donated or earned are used exclusively and a 100% for the humanitarian projects of the Association.
Short history
H.A.U.S. was founded in 1995 on the initiative of a group of university teachers. The Association serves the good of students and employees of the university. It is not a profitmaking organisation.