The ICT&S Center is the place for basic and applied academic research in the field of ICTs and Society. In cooperation with national and international research partners the ICT&S Center provides new research capacities and competences in order to satisfy the growing needs for research-based knowledge in the context of ICTs and society. As a University Center we will push student-based research to meet high quality standards. We consider doctoral students as one of the most valuable research resources for the Center. The research field of ICTs and Society is a highly interdisciplinary field which can only be approached on the basis of cooperating teams both within and outside the University. We aim for fruitful cooperations with other research centers, businesses, administrations, and civil society.

Our research clusters are:

Innovation in Cultural and Creative Institutions (ICCI)

The ICCI cluster focuses on the ‘rules of the game’ that govern creative and cultural organizations, i.e. the environment of creative and cultural activities, the relationships between these agents and the rules that influence these relationships.  The core elements of this research are the analysis of values, theories, regulations, practices and traditions and how these influences commercial and non-commercial activities.

HCI & Usability
Human Computer Interaction & Usability pays central attention to the design, evaluation and implementation of existing and future interactive (computer-) systems and interactive environments. Faculty members with the background of computer science, psychology, communication studies, design and information management work in different research foci.