ICT&S as essential knowledge enhancing the qualification of students and researchers Knowledge of cutting edge technological developments, societal practices and their interrelations is crucial for success in the evolving information and network society. The ICT&S Center seeks to foster the enlargement of specialized courses throughout the University of Salzburg and to make the already existing broad offer visible and transparent to all students of the University (Course Modules).

Researchers at the ICT&S Center teach in related study programs, mainly informatics and communication studies, and contribute to special ICT&S related themes, particularly at the master studies’ level. In addition to the involvement of the ICT&S Center within regular study programs, the ICT&S Center carries out the annual ditact_women’s IT summer studies, an acknowledged, high-profile summer university for women in informatics and in the broader field of ICTs. Also, the ICT&S offers specific evening events (ICT&S Podia).