Arnold Leitner: From Premature Death to Immortality: Shifting Life Plans in the Literary Imagination (in progress) 

PhD Theses
Markus Oppolzer, Failed Rites of Passage in Early Gothic Fiction (Salzburg, completed) 
Elisabeth Schober, The Magic of Romance: A Genre and Its Relation to the Unreal (Salzburg, completed) 
Anna Kerchy, Somatized Narratives in Angela Carter’s Final Novel-Trilogy, The Passion of New Eve, Nights at the Circus, and Wise Children (Szeged, completed) 
Sarah Herbe,  Characters in New British Hard  Science Fiction with a Focus on Genetic Engineering (Salzburg,  completed)
Anita Sieber, The Beautiful Female Body in Victorian Fiction (Salzburg, in progress) 
Veronika Tzinlikova, Narratives of Aging (Salzburg, in progress) 
Benjamin Wright, Immortality and Life-Extension in Contemporary Science Fiction (Salzburg, in progress) 
Sonia Haiduc, Jekyll and Hyde on Screen (Barcelona, in progress)

MA Theses
Sonia Haiduc, Evolutionary Theory in the Tradition of British Science Fiction (completed 2005) 
Markus Niederwimmer, Queering the Body in Postmodern British Fantasy: A Cultural Reading of Gender Transformations in Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve, Jeanette Winterson´s The Passion and Will Self’s Cock and Bull (completed 2005) 
Elisabeth Skokan, The Fate of Frankenstein: Nineteenth-Century Stage Adaptations of Mary Shelley´s Novel (completed 2006) 
Benjamin Wright, J.G. Ballard´s ´Disaster Quartet´: Logic and Madness in a Surreal World (completed 2006) 
Claudia Steininger, The Representation of Biotechnology in Twenty-First-Century British Young Adult Science Fiction (completed 2007) 
Chang Li, The Making of Gothic Heroines (completed 2007) 
Regina Fackler, C.S. Lewis and His Other World Narnia (completed 2007) 
Michaela Foijtiková, George MacDonald´s Fairy Tales (completed 2008) 
Elisabeth Edenberger, 21st-Century Fantasy Trilogies (in progress) 
Sonja Einböck, Stephen King´s The Shining and Its Cinematographic Adaptation by Stanley Kubrick (in progress) 
Rike Günther, Gothic and Crime Fiction in Late Nineteenth Century Literature (in progress) 
Manuela Hoflehner, The Female Supernatural in Victorian Fairy Stories (in progress) 
Martina Landl, David Eddings’ Belgariad Saga (in progress) 
Predrag Micakovic, British Disaster Science Fiction (in progress) 
Christopher Herzog, Hanif Kureishi (in progress)