20 November 2007John Storey (University of Sunderland): “The Masculine Romance”

3 May 2007Andrew King (University College Cork): “Guy of Warwick: The Medieval Romance and its Romantic Afterlife”

11 November 2005 – Christiana Gregoriou (University of Leeds): “The Stylistics of Tolkien´s Lord of the Rings” 

8 November 2005
– Christiana Gregoriou (University of Leeds): “Discourse Worlds, Text Worlds, and Mental Spaces” 

8 November 2005 – Christiana Gregoriou (University of Leeds): “Power of Language, Language of Power” 

12 July 2005 Workshop “Fantastic Genres”: 
– Christina Grabner: “Fantasy” 
– Sonia Haiduc, Sarah Herbe: “Science Fiction” 
– Markus Niederwimmer: “Magic Realism” 
– Markus Oppolzer: “Gothic” 
– Elisabeth Schober: “Romance” 

22 June 2005 – Internal Workshop
– Sonia Haiduc: “The Evolutionary Theory in the Tradition of British Science Fiction” 
– Anita Sieber: “The Beautiful Body in Victorian Fiction” 
– Elisabeth Skokan: “Early Stage Adaptations of Mary Shelley´s Frankenstein” 
– Veronika Tzinlikova: “A.S. Byatt and Academic Women” 
– Benjamin Wright: “Surrealism and Science Fiction in the Early Disaster Novels of J.G. Ballard” 

1 February 2005Internal Workshop on the Body in British Fantastic Literature



14 October 2004 –  Katerina Kitsi-Mitakou (University of Thessaloniki):
“(T)extasy: Bodily and Textual Transformations in Virginia Woolf´s Orlando”