Beyond Brentano – Issues in Phenomenology and Philosophy of mind

June 9 – 10, 2014
Franz Brentano is aptly called the father – or grandfather – of phenomenology. Already in the 1860ies, he had a conception of phenomenology as a systematic investigation of the basic elements of our mental life: sensory qualities, time- and space determinations, and consciousness (including presenting, judging and affective states). Edmund Husserl developed this investigation further into a philosophical discipline of its own. At bottom, however, the Brentanian and Husserlian phenomenology share many concerns: the role and nature of phenomenal experience, the nature of intentionality, the phenomenology of cognition and emotion, the structure of self-awareness, etc. These themes continue to be an inspiration in contemporary debates.   This conference will deal with the nature of phenomenal experience and the place of consciousness conceived from a Brentanian perspective in the context of contemporary work in philosophy of mind. It will thus be centred on issues related to sensory experience, perception, imagination, self-consciousness, and intentionality, among others.  

Invited speakers

Tim Crane (Cambridge)
Fabian Dorsch (University of Fribourg)
Katalin Farkas (CEU Budapest)
Martine Nida-Rümelin (University of Fribourg)
Charles Siewert (Rice University, Houston)
Gianfranco Soldati (University of Fribourg)
Mark Textor (King’s College, London)
Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen)  
The conference will take will take place in the Leopold-Kohr Hörsaal (room HS 301), on the fourth floor of the Wallistrakt (Franziskanergasse 1, 5020 Salzburg)
Brentano and Beyond: Issues in Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind
Time Monday, June 9 Tuesday, June 10
10 –
11¼ AM
Tim Crane (Cambridge)
What is Phenomenal Intentionality? A Brentanian Answer
Charles Siewert (Rice University)
Good Look/Visual Intentionality
powerpoint slides
11¼ –
11 ¾ AM 
Coffee Break Coffee Break
11¾ AM
– 1 PM
Gianfranco Soldati (Fribourg)
Time-Consciousness: Methodological Reflections
Martine Nida-Rümelin (Fribourg)
About Being Aware of One’s Own Experience
1-3 PM Lunch Lunch
3 – 4¼ PM Dan Zahavi (Copenhagen)
Husserl on Consciousness
Katalin Farkas (CEU Budapest)
The Feeling of Assent
4¼ – 4¾ PM Coffee Break Coffee Break
4¾ – 6 PM Fabian Dorsch (Fribourg)
Experiencing the Self

Mark Textor (King’s College London)
All You Need is Love (or Something Like it). Brentano on Pleasure revisited.