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Research and teaching at the department aim at a rationally based understanding of reality as a whole from its origins as well as at a holistic scientific orientation with regard to the position of man in the universe and the fundamental questions of human life and action. On the one hand, the current results of research in the human and natural sciences are critically considered, and on the other hand, the broad spectrum of significant philosophical theories and approaches in the past and present are included. As a research area within the Faculty of Theology, philosophy pays special attention to those philosophical questions that arise from the religious dimension of human life and shows the connections of the various philosophical approaches with the Christian conception of the world, of man, and of God. The department currently focuses on historical and systematic research in the areas of philosophical anthropology and ethics, metaphysics and the philosophical doctrine of God, philosophy of religion, and philosophical psychology.

The department is headed by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rolf Darge; deputy head and chairman of the curriculum committee is Univ.-Prof. Dr. Emmanuel J. Bauer.

For general questions, please contact Ms. Manuela Berndorfer (ext. 2546) and Ms. Heidi Steiner (ext. 2540) at the departmental secretariat.