AG Psychology and Philosophie

The head of the AG is Assoz.-Prof. Dr. Bettina Bußmann.  
Consultation hours: on appointment  
For questions concerning the subject Psychology, please contact Dr. Maria Tulis-Oswald.
Examination forms: For the latest version see here 
The completed examination form together with the transcription of record (which can be found in your PlusOnline business card) should  be handed in to the departmental administrator or sent via email to Kathrin Hommel.  
Accreditation of courses    
With regard to the accreditation of courses the following rules apply:  

  • Students who change the curriculum within the same studies at the University of Salzburg do not have to make a request for accreditation of courses. In this case, the accreditation is done automatically in PlusOnline according to the equivalence list in the appendix of the respective curriculum. If the accreditation is not done automatically, please contact Kathrin Hommel.
  • Students who want to get credits for courses of other studies or from other institutions from Austria or abroad have to make a request in PlusOnline under the rubric Accreditation/Recognition. For the guideline see here.