At the Department of Psychology, the university outpatient clinic for psychotherapy will start at Getreidegasse 21 in January 2024. The university outpatient clinic replaces the previous counseling center for clinical psychology, psychotherapy and health psychology at the Department of Psychology. On these pages you will find further information about the university outpatient clinic for psychotherapy.

In the university outpatient clinic for psychotherapy, psychotherapeutic treatments are offered for adults to implement psychotherapy research and practice-oriented psychotherapy teaching.

Patients at the university outpatient clinic, as well as the treatment team, are involved in scientific projects to further develop individual, couple and group psychotherapy.

Tel.:     0662 8044-5191
Postal address:
University outpatient clinic for psychotherapy
Getreidegasse 21, 3rd floor
5020 Salzburg
(Please note: elevator available, but stairs in front of the entrance door)

At the university outpatient clinic, psychotherapies combined with scientific projects are possible for the following problem areas:

  • Depressive symptoms and disorders
  • Fear and anxiety disorders
  • Sleep problems and sleep disorders
  • Chronic pain and pain disorders
  • Somatic complaints without a physical cause
  • Relationship crises and couple conflicts
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Personality problems and personality disorders
  • Difficulties with eating behavior and eating disorders
  • Obsessive compulsions and obsessive compulsive disorders

In an acute emergency, please contact the  crisis hotlines and emergency numbers.
For Salzburg: Tel.: 0662 433351, daily 00:00-24:00