PID – Product References

The PID irradiation device is described in detail in

Pieslinger, A. et al. Characterization of a simple and homogeneous irradiation device based on light-emitting diodes: A possible low-cost supplement to conventional light sources for photodynamic treatment. Medical Laser Application, 2006, 21(4), 277-283 ( view article)

and was used to study the in vitro mechanisms of Photodynamic Treatment by our research group in the following publications:

Berlanda, J. et al. Characterisation of apoptosis induced by photodynamic treatment with hypericin in A431 human epidermoid carcinoma cells. Journal of Environmental Pathology, Toxicology and Oncology, 2006, 25(1-2): 173-188,  PUBMED

Oberdanner, C.B. et al. Photodynamic Treatment with Fractionated Light Decreases Production of Reactive Oxygen Species and Cytotoxicity in vitro via Regeneration of Glutathione. Photochemistry and Photobiology, 2005. 81(3): 609-613,  PUBMED

Kiesslich, T. et al. Differential Effects of Glucose Deprivation on the Cellular Sensitivity towards Photodynamic Treatment-Based Production of Reactive Oxygen Species and Apoptosis-Induction. FEBS Letters, 2005. 579(1): 185-190,  PUBMED

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NOTE: This is a non-commercial site offering an irradiation device (PID 1.0) for academic collegues. The Prices of the PID 1.0 and accessories solely cover allowance for special expediture such as working hours (for construction and quality assurance) and raw material.