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Research for everyone!  From 7 to 9 November the research exhibition of Salzburg University took place in Europark.

Review s.u.n / uni:hautnah 2013


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Do you think research is bone dry, boring, and incomprehensible to non-students? You couldn‘t be more wrong! With the „uni:hautnah“ event, the University of Salzburg proves how original and exciting research work can be and how easy it is to get involved – right in the heart of the shopping centre and without the need for a university degree. 

Each year for a few days in November, Salzburg‘s Europark Shopping Centre becomes a colourful playground for researchers and for those who have always wanted to be. 

In addition to a university exhibition to make scientific work understandable and more comprehensible to the general public, the goal is to break down doubt and prejudice. And there‘s no better way of doing so than giving sceptics the opportunity to have hands-on experience. However, not only sceptics get involved. 

The spectrum of the projects selected to appear at uni:hautnah is multifaceted enough to attract a wide audience – from heads of provincial government to school groups. The benefits of „zum richtigen Leben“ are also diverse, refuting the prejudice that university research is often unrealistic.