Mediation Service

for conflicts between students and teachers

  1. Conflicts are often related to performance requirements and performance assessments. In order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, a semester programme is to be handed out to the students in each course at the beginning of the semester, in which the performance requirements and performance assessment (as well as their criteria) are recorded. If changes are necessary in the current semester, these must be discussed with the students and decided upon by mutual agreement.
  2. Teachers and students should articulate mutual dissatisfaction in a factual and respectful manner at an early stage and not wait until more serious conflicts arise. The best way to resolve conflicts is through personal discussion between students, alone or in groups, and course instructors. The latter should make time for such discussions: They form part of their official duties and should usually take place during regular office hours or by appointment.
  3. If a conflict cannot be solved in a discussion between teachers and students, each party to the conflict can initiate a mediation procedure by submitting a written petition (statement of facts) to the head of the department (via the Departmental Head for Study and Examination Matters: ). The other party to the conflict shall be given the opportunity to respond to the submission in writing. Both parties to the conflict take part in the mediation procedure, a person of trust of the course instructor from among the lecturers of the department, a person of trust of the students from among the StRV Romance Studies as well as the head of the department. The mediation procedure takes place in the form of one or more discussions in the above-mentioned composition. It is concluded with a discussion protocol signed by the parties to the conflict and the head of the department.



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