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Department of Sociology and Human Geography

Team Member of the Department

Department of Sociology and Human Geography

Kyoko Shinozaki

Kyoko Shinozaki
Department Chair



Andreas Koch

Andreas Koch
Deputy Department Chair

Human Geography




  • ASCHAUER Wolfgang, MMag. Dr., Assoz.Prof. PD [Sociology]
  • BUKOWSKI Meike, Dr., MA, Senior Scientist [Human Geography]
  • DIMMEL, Nikolaus, Ao.Univ.-Prof. DDr. [Sociology]
  • ETTER Christopher, BSSc MSSc, Research Assistant & Ph.D. Fellow [Sociology]
  • FABY Holger, Dr., Senior Lecturer [Human Geography]
  • GABRIEL Manfred, Ass.-Prof. (BDG) Mag. Dr.  [Sociology]
  • HAHN Kornelia, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Chair of the Curriculum Commission for the Doctoral Program in Social Sciences [Sociology]
  • HÜRTGEN Stefanie, Assoc. Prof. Dr., Chair of the Division of Human Geography [Human Geography]
  • KARABEGOVIĆ Dženeta, Ph.D., Postdoc, Deputy Chair of the Curriculum Committee “Sociology” [Sociology]
  • KOCH Andreas, Univ.-Prof. Dr., Deputy Department Chair of Sociology and Human Geography [Human Geography]
  • PETZOLD Knut, Dr., Visiting Professor [Sociology]
  • RIJCKEN Iepke, MSc., Ph.D./prae-doc position – Project VISION [Soziology]
  • RÖHM Mona, BA MA, Research Assistant & Ph.D. Fellow [Sociology]
  • SEYMER Alexander, Dr., Senior Scientist, Chair of the Curriculum Committee “Sociology”  [Sociology]
  • SHINOZAKI Kyoko, Univ.Prof., PhD, Department Chair of Sociology and Human Geography [Sociology]
  • SMIGIEL Christian, Ass.-Prof. Dr. [Human Geography]
  • STEMPFHUBER Martin, Dr., Senior Scientist [Sociology]
  • VOGLER Robert, Dr., Senior Scientist [Human Geography]
  • WEICHBOLD Martin, ao.Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr., Vice Rector for Academic Affairs [Sociology]
  • ZELLER Christian, Univ.-Prof. Dr. [Human Geography]

External Lecturer

  • FRANK Elba, Mag. Dr. (Academic year 2022/23) [Sociology]
  • HÖHN Marcel, BSc MSc (Academic year 2022/23) [Sociology]

Student Assistants (Academic year 2023/ 2024)

Administrative Staff


Honorary Professorship

  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard ARMINGER – Honorary Professor of Statistics in the Social Sciences (19.06.1998) [Sociology]
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas LUCKMANN (* October 14, 1927 in Aßling, Kingdom of Yugoslavia; † May 10, 2016) – Honorary Professor of Sociology of Culture (21.6.1996) [Sociology]
  • Prof. Dr. Werner STARK (* December 2, 1909 in Marienbad, Austria-Hungary; † October 4, 1985 in Salzburg) – honorary professor of cultural sociology (23.04.1974) [Sociology]