The Faculty of Theology

provides a space for critical reflection on fundamental aspects of human existence, Christian faith, and religious traditions.

As a place for scientific research and study, we place great emphasis on ensuring that this reflection:

  • occurs at the forefront of contemporary thought, being open and sensitive to current societal developments, conflicts and tensions
  • interacts with other fields of study
  • confronts the challenges of the time arising from a globalized and pluralistic world
  • is anchored in its own tradition, yet remains innovative, forward-thinking, and engaged in dialogue with other churches, cultures, and religions
  • combines excellent research with dedicated teaching

We offer a wide range of theological, philosophical, religious education and religious studies programs. Embedded within the Faculty of Theology is the so called Salzburg University Weeks, which is the oldest summer university in Europe.

Situated in a unique environment, our institution is nestled amidst other faculties, festival houses, Benedictine Monastery, Franciscan Monastery, seminaries, the Bishop’s Residence, and the Salzburg Cathedral. Here, individuals of diverse religious and philosophical orientations meet in intellectually and culturally stimulating, as well as personally enriching ways.


Photos: © Kay Müller (1-6)