Molecular Phylogenetics and Molecular Ecology

Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des BildesOur research is rooted within the fields of Molecular Phylogenetics & Molecular Ecology which implies addressing evolutionary and ecological questions above and below the specieslevel and at different spatial and temporal scales.                                                       
We reconstruct evolutionary relationships among plant species by generating and analysing DNA sequence data for various gene regions. These molecular phylogenies are used to testhypotheses about geographical, morpho-logical/reproductive, and ecological diversificationin the plant groups of interest. One of our current research objectives is to understand how,when, and why shifts from outcrossing to selfing occurred in tropical orchids fromMadagascar. This project also involves extensive crossing experiments in the glasshouse, Xraymicro-computed tomographic studies, and ecological niche modelling.

Team AG Molecular Phylogenetics and Ecology