StrukturgeologieLeiter: Prof. Christoph vonHagke


Forschungsschwerpunkt: Klimawandel und Gebirgsbildung



FB-4D: Foreland basin evolution records the effects of plate reorganization, surface evolution and crustal deformation on mountain building

SANDS – Single Grain Age Distribution in Thermochronological Samples

LUNAR: The Last Pulse – dating the youngest deformation in the Alps with ESR thermochronometry



S-to-C: From Subduction to Collision

Influence of climate and erodibility on mountain building processes.

TRIANGLE – Constraining Geometric Uncertainty of Triangle Structures

Shale Mechanics (Thailand)

FiR – Fluids in Rocks

BoDy – Boudinage Dynamics: (Naxos)

Old orogens – young topography

Thermo Calabria