The Biographical Location of Interreligious Processes by the example of Bettina Bäumer (*1940)

fwf-Team: Winkler, Srivastava, Baeumer, Hackbarth-Johnson
(v.l.n.r.) Ulrich Winkler † 27.01.2021, Shivam Srivastava, Bettina Baeumer, Christian Hackbarth-Johnson I Photo: © University of Salzburg

The project aims at researching and compiling an academically written biography of the Austro-Indian scholar of religion and Indologist Bettina Bäumer (*1940) based on recent methodology in religious studies, comparative theology, and cultural theory. As the biography of Bettina Bäumer is ingrained in the history of interreligious and intercultural encounter between India and the Occident as it has developed in the 2nd half of the 20th century until today, it will also provide an exemplary analysis and location of this historical epoch. It will be a qualitative field study in the interreligious field between India and Europe, aimed at making interreligious learning processes open to a better general understanding and broader discourse.