Salzburg’s Interdisciplinary Discourses

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Bettina Brandstetter/Franz Gmainer-Pranzl/Ulrike Greiner (eds.) From “beautiful diversity” to precarious heterogeneity Educational Processes in a Plural Society (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses, Vol. 17) Peter Lang Verlag, Berlin 2021 698 p., hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-631-84788-6 This anthology with contributions from the interdisciplinary conference “From ‹Beautiful Diversity› to Precarious Heterogeneity” (University of Salzburg, 2017) asks how educational processes are possible in a plural society. The decisive challenge is not a “beautiful diversity”, but a precarious heterogeneity that calls into question cohesion and understanding in contemporary society. A central result of this interdisciplinary examination is the recognition that heterogeneity can be seen as an opportunity and that educational processes can be facilitated in the context of (inter-)cultural and social tensions. Education means facing up to different, even contradictory experiences and life contexts and therefore developing a new quality of knowledge, critical thinking and learning skills.
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Franz Gmainer-Pranzl/Anita Rötzer (eds.) Shrinking Spaces More space for global civil society (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses, Vol. 16) Peter Lang Verlag, Berlin 2020 422 p., hardcover ISBN: 978-3-631-82934-9 Development policy is fundamentally linked to questions of democratic policy – this is made clear both by the 16th Development Policy University Weeks, which Südwind Salzburg organised in cooperation with the University of Salzburg on the topic of threatened civil society, and by the 7th Austrian Development Conference in Graz, which dealt with socio-ecological transformation. This anthology documents presentations from both development policy events that took place in November 2017, as well as the three pre-scientific theses of high school graduates who were awarded the “C3 Award” in 2019, and shows the urgency of global challenges in the field of democracy and peace policy, ecology and the economy.
Buchcover 'Identitäten' © PeterLangFranz Gmainer-Pranzl/Barbara Mackinger (eds.) Identities Impositions on science and society (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses, Vol. 15) Peter Lang Verlag, Berlin 2020 644 p., hardcover ISBN: 978-3-631-82301-9 Current social developments show that, in parallel with a progressiveIn the face of global interconnectedness and an increase in complexity, many people are (again) attaching importance to personal, cultural and religious identities. The commitment to openness, dialogue and diversity is confronted with a new longing for identity. This ranges from the desire for recognition and the search for a home to forms of nostalgia and regression, but also to fundamentalist violence. The contributions in this volume are based on an interdisciplinary conference at the University of Salzburg. From different scientific perspectives, they address the question of the extent to which the formation of identities can be perceived as a resource – and not as a threat – to an open and diverse society.
Franz Gmainer-Pranzl/Buchcover 'Culture - A Life of Learning'Barbara Schellhammer (Ed.)Culture – A Life of Learning Clifford Geertz and Current Social Challenges (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses, Vol. 14) Peter Lang Verlag, Berlin 2020 260 p., b. ISBN: 978-3-631-80511-4 The American cultural anthropologist Clifford Geertz (1926–2006), who significantly changed and had a lasting impact on anthropological research with his method of dense description, described his discussion in retrospect as A Life of Learning. In this volume, social, cultural and religious scholars take up this idea in order to appreciate the work of Clifford Geertz and the interpretive turn he initiated and to discuss it in an interdisciplinary manner. Above all, it is Geertz’s understanding of culture as a web of meanings that contributes to the further development of the debate on migration, foreignness, integration, interculturality and interreligious dialogue and enriches different disciplines.
Buchcover: Migration und sozialer Wandel © PeterLang VerlagNikolaus Dimmel/Franz Gmainer-Pranzl/Sylvia Hahn (eds.) Migration and social change (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses, Vol. 13) Peter Lang Verlag, Berlin 2019 308 p., hardcover, ISBN:978-3-631-78351-1 Since 2007, the ULG Migration Management at the University of Salzburg has been helping to provide students with interdisciplinary skills in the field of migration. This anthology documents the scientific approaches of the corresponding migration, social, cultural and religious studies modules of the curriculum as well as contributions by students in which the topic of their master’s thesis is presented in a concentrated manner. In this way, the book provides insight into a wide range of challenges, ranging from questions of minimum income, care and precarious employment to the understanding of development and the teaching of Islam in schools, and thus also contributes to the objectification and concretization of the migration debate.
Franz Buchcover Inklusion/ExklusionGmainer-Pranzl et al (eds.) Inclusion/Exclusion Current Social Dynamics (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses, Vol. 12) Peter Lang Verlag, Berlin 2018, 236 p., hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-631-76289-9 The dynamics of inclusion and exclusion are at work in many areas of society. Cultural conflicts, political tensions as well as media constructions of identity and foreignness create social divisions and prevent people from participating in political decisions, educational processes, social security and prosperity. The methods used to explain the complex causes of exclusion, the approaches developed by different scientific disciplines, and the extent to which processes of social change can be initiated are the topics of the contributions collected in this volume. With contributions by Ulrike Brandl, María do Mar Castro Varela, Peter Deutschmann, Nikolaus Dimmel, Ricarda Drüeke, Franz Gmainer-Pranzl, Jochim Hansen, Eva Hausbacher, Elisabeth Klaus, Thomas Schmidinger, Gottfried Schweiger, Sandra Sittenthaler and Martina Thiele
Buchcover 'Theologie und politische Theorie'Eneida Jacobsen Theology and Political Theory Critical Approaches between Contemporary Theological Currents and the Political Thought of Jürgen Habermas (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses, Vol. 11) Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. 2018, 378 p., hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-631-74605-9 In dialogue with the political and social theory of Jürgen Habermas and current theological approaches, especially liberation theology and public theology, this study elaborates on the democratic potential of a theology anchored in the everyday world. The author shows to what extent the reception of everyday experiences and symbols both changes the liberation theological discourse and links the political system of a society more closely with people’s concrete life relationships. As a result, theology proves to be socio-politically relevant in a new way. At the same time, the everyday experiences of people are to be appreciated in their theological significance. From this mediation of social analysis, theory of the lifeworld, and critical reconstruction of Christian practice, a new form of liberation theology emerges, which more clearly emphasizes the significance of the lifeworld for the social public.
Buchcover: Demokratie - ein interdisziplinäres ForschungsprojektJessica Fortin-Rittberger, Franz Gmainer-Pranzl (eds.) Democracy – an interdisciplinary research project (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses, Vol. 10), Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. 2017, 604 p., hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-631-72956-4 Democracy, which until recently was taken for granted, is currently being massively challenged. As a result of modernization and globalization processes, economic crises, right-wing populist political strategies, dynamics of discrimination and exclusion, extremist attitudes and terrorist threats, democracy is currently in crisis. The authors analyze the complexity of these social problem areas from an interdisciplinary perspective. Scholars from various scientific fields of work and research deal with the crisis of democracy, but also with possibilities for its further development.
Buchcover: Historische und systematische Fallstudien...Arno Stromeyer, Lena Oetzel (eds.) Historical and systematic case studies in religion and politics from the Middle Ages to the 21st century (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses, Vol. 9), Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. 2017, 268 p., hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-631-66323-3 The book examines the relationship between religion and politics from the 7th century to the recent past in different spatial contexts. From a historical, theological-systematic, and literary perspective, the interweaving of religion with power and violence, as well as the handling of religious plurality in the past, are shown. Special attention is paid to the world religions Christianity and Islam. The authors analyze the roots of current problems and the manifold political instrumentalization of religion as well as the basic constellations in historical change.
Buchcover 'Zukunft entwickeln'Gmainer-Pranzl, Franz/Rötzer, Anita (eds.), Developing the Future (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses, Vol. 8), Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. 2017, 210 p., geb., ISBN: 978-3-631-69933-1 The 15th Development Policy University Weeks, which Südwind Salzburg organised in cooperation with the University of Salzburg, took the “European Year for Development” (2015) as an opportunity to take up the challenge of “development” and subject it to an interdisciplinary analysis. Employees of development policy organisations and initiatives, the University of Salzburg and other scientific institutions that participated in the Development Policy University Weeks deal with various issues (climate change, migration, globalisation, free trade agreements, crises and conflicts) in their contributions. The contributions in this volume aim to contribute to a critical raising of awareness and to show ways to “develop the future” in the face of urgent global problems.
Gmainer-PrBuchcover: Wissenschaft und globales Denkenanzl, Franz/Schottenhammer, Angela (eds.), Science and Global Thinking (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses Vol. 7), Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. 2016, 490 p., hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-631-67297-6 Economic dynamics, political transformations, international networking and communication through new media are indicators of a ‘globalisation’ that is affecting many areas of life today. But does such an expansion and internationalisation of economic processes, technical developments and political orders mean that ‘global thinking’ comes into play as a (self-)critical discourse? In critical contrast to globalization strategies, the contributions in this volume ask to what extent the reference to global contexts challenges and changes the usual approaches and methods of science. Not ‘globalization’ as a strategy for success, but ‘global thinking’ as a critical claim is at the center of the considerations of this conference proceedings.
Buchcover 'KATHARINAfeier'Steinpatz, Anna/Arzt, Silvia/Elmer, Dominik (eds.), KATHARINAfeier (ST. Catherine’s Day) Critical-theological-feminist. A Review (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses Vol. 6), Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. 2015, 248 p., hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-631-6294-6 The present anthology is a compilation of almost all lectures that have been given at the KATHARINA celebration at the Faculty of Catholic Theology Salzburg since the beginning of the event. The lectures come from different theological and philosophical disciplines, but are all connected by a critical-feminist approach. In addition to this synopsis, the book contains an article on the history of the KATHARINA celebration as well as on the increased connection with different artistic designs in recent years.
Buchcover 'Verändern Gender Studies die Gesellschaft?'Franz Gmainer-Pranzl/Ingrid Schmutzhart/Anna Steinpatz (eds.), Are Gender Studies Changing Society? On the Transformative Potential of an Interdisciplinary Discourse (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses Vol. 5), Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a.M. 2014, 453 p., hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-631-65603-7 In recent decades, gender studies has established itself as a cultural studies, interdisciplinary and socio-critical discourse. They analyze the social and cultural construction of gender, critique established (mostly invisible) power structures that produce discrimination and exclusion, and shed light on the intersectionality of the gender dimension with ethnic, social, political, economic, and religious spheres of life. Despite high theoretical standards and a differentiated awareness of the problem, however, gender studies is confronted with powerful resistance due to entrenched social rules, economic guidelines and discursive constructions of identity. Is it possible to overcome cultural logics that pass off repressive and exclusionary structures as natural? So is gender studies changing society? An interdisciplinary conference at the University of Salzburg in November 2013 dealt with this question and showed the potential of gender studies to change society from the perspective of different sciences.
Judith GrubBuchcover 'Theologie im Cultural Turn'er (ed.) with the assistance of Verena Bull, Theology in the Cultural Turn. Epistemological Explorations in a Changed Paradigm (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses Vol. 4), Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a. M. 2013, 233 p., hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-631-64463-8 The paradigm shift of the cultural turn is changing religious forms of knowledge and putting theology under a changed theoretical pressure. New epistemological questions are thus up for debate: How does the particularity of knowledge change the Christian experience, worship and conceptualization of God? How is the plurality measured by Christian traditions – and how does its normativity relate to its contingency? In which spaces do loci theologici open up – and where can the Christian claim to universality be located? In what practices is Christian knowledge embodied—and how do these incarnations condition a discourse about God? And last but not least: Under what discursive conditions is the powerfulness of theological knowledge reflected?
Buchcover 'Religion in postsäkularer Gesellschaft'Franz Gmainer-Pranzl/Sigrid Rettenbacher (eds.), Religion in post-secular society. Interdisciplinary Perspectives (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses Vol. 3), Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a. M. 2013, 465 p., hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-631-62998-7 In the field of tension between the return of religions (fundamentalism) and the dissolution of religions (secularization), the contributions in this anthology deal with the diverse and sometimes contradictory presence of religion(s) in Western society. In the background of this interdisciplinary analysis is Jürgen Habermas’ concept of the post-secular, which combines a permanently secular attitude to life with a pronounced willingness to learn and engage in dialogue with religion(s). Religion, it turns out, is still a decisive factor in social life, even if its reality has changed and therefore the discourse on religion(s) must also start anew. On the occasion of a conference of the Center for Intercultural Theology and the Study of Religions at the University of Salzburg, scholars from the University of Salzburg have dealt with the reality of religion and show the enormous diversity and disparity of religious developments in current social contexts.
Buchcover 'Interkulturalität als Anspruch universitärer Lehre und Forschung'Franz Gmainer-Pranzl/Judith Gruber (eds.), Interculturality as a Claim of University Teaching and Research (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses Vol. 2), Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a. M. 2012, 263 p., hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-631-63304-5 Interculturality has become a ubiquitous buzzword that signals cosmopolitanism and flexibility. However, the challenge associated with this term rarely comes into its own. The aim of the interdisciplinary conference “Interculturality as a Claim of University Teaching and Research” at the University of Salzburg on 1/2 December 2011 was to perceive the potential of interculturality from different methodological approaches, to discuss it in an interdisciplinary manner and to clarify its relevance for research and teaching at the university. In terms of content, this discussion follows on from the position of Franz Martin Wimmer. The contributions of authors who are confronted with the demands of intercultural teaching, learning and research in various subjects and professional fields show that interculturality is a key to pedagogical and scientific work in contemporary society. In this sense, this anthology makes a differentiated and multifaceted contribution to a constructive examination of the current experiences of cultural plurality.
Buchcover 'Der Anspruch des Fremden als Ressource des Humanen'Franz Gmainer-Pranzl/Martina Schmidhuber (eds.), The Claim of the Foreign as a Resource of the Human (Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses Vol.1), Peter Lang Verlag, Frankfurt a. M. 2011, 279 p., geb., ISBN: 978-3-631-61411-2 The conference at the University of Salzburg, whose contributions are documented in this anthology, deals with the complex, sometimes confused and conflict-ridden situation of a deep-seated xenophobia and is based on a thesis that may seem to many contemporaries to be an imposition: the claim of the stranger is not perceived as a loss of identity or a threat, but as a resource of the humane, as an opportunity for the human. This is not made possible by self-assertion, but by external responsibility. In the sense of Bernhard Waldenfels’ phenomenology of the foreign, this means: not through an identifying, but a responsive form of reason. From different perspectives and disciplines, the speakers of this symposium will show to what extent an open, (self-)critical and willing to learn examination of the claim of the foreign actually contains resources of being human that open up great opportunities for personal development and political action.