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In the book series “Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses” the following have been published so far:  Peter Lang Verlag | Salzburger interdisziplinäre Diskurse

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The next conference in the series “Salzburg Interdisciplinary Discourses” will take place on November 7/8, 2024 on the topic “Fascism? An Interdisciplinary Examination of Current Social Developments”. We cordially invite you to submit an abstract for a possible presentation. You can find the call here:

SID Faschismus Call for Abstracts

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(v.l.n.r.) Stephan Kirste, Ulli Vilsmaier, Ricarda Drüeke, Franz Gmainer-Pranzl, Barbara Mackinger, Wolfgang Aschauer Foto: © PLUS, D. Jost
  • Wolfgang Aschauer (Department of Political Science and Sociology, University of Salzburg)
  • Stefan Bogner (AK Salzburg)
  • Bettina Bussmann (Department of Philosophy GW, University of Salzburg)
  • Ricarda Drüeke (Department of Communication Studies, University of Salzburg)
  • Franz Gmainer-Pranzl (Centre for Intercultural Theology and the Study of Religions, University of Salzburg)
  • Elisabeth Höftberger (Department of Systematic Theology, University of Salzburg)
  • Stephan Kirste (Department of Social and Economic Sciences, University of Salzburg)
  • Barbara Mackinger (Department of Psychology, University of Salzburg)
  • Ulli Vilsmaier (Responsive Research Collective, Cully, Switzerland)
  • Georg Zimmermann (PMU Salzburg)

Previous conferences:

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09th-10th of November 2023: Violence against women. Interdisciplinary Analyses of a Social Problem
Concept: Franz Gmainer-Pranzl (Center for Intercultural Theology and the Study of Religions), Zoe Lefkofridi (Department of Political Science, Politics and Gender, Diversity and Equality), Nadine Zwiener-Collins (Department of Political Science, Politics and Gender, Diversity and Equality)

Contributions by Birgitt Haller, Alina Knoflach, Christina Riezler, Armin Raderbauer, Nina Schallmoser-Schweiberer, Alicia Fradera, Luca Frantzmann, Mats Reckzügel, Anika Watzka, Anna Alabd, Ralph Poole and Birgit Bütow.

  •   Pictures of the conference (Fotos: ©J. Voithofer)