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Tasks of the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg:
According to § 3 of the 2002 Universities Act the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg fulfils the following tasks within its sphere of action:

  • advancement of sciences (research and teaching), and the advancement, appreciation and teaching of the arts;
  • education through science and the advancement and appreciation of the arts;
  • scientific, artistic, artistic-pedagogical and artistic-scientific training, qualification for professional activities requiring the application of scientific knowledge and methods, as well as teaching artistic and scientific skills at the highest level;
  • training and promotion of junior academics and young artists;
  • continuing education, particularly of university graduates and graduates of university colleges of teacher education;
  • internal co-ordination of scientific research (and the advancement and appreciation of the arts) and teaching at universities;
  • promotion of domestic and international co-operation in research and teaching, and the arts;
  • promotion of the use and practical application of their research findings, and of community involvement in efforts to promote the advancement and appreciation of the arts;
  • gender equality, and the advancement of women;
  • maintenance of contacts with graduates;
  • provision of public information on the performance of the tasks of the universities.

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