Book Series:
Religious Studies in Interfaith Contexts

Image: © Orinta Z. Rötting

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Volume 1:
Martin Rötting (ed.)
Houses of Religions
Visions, Formats and Experiences
(Religious Studies in Interfaith Contexts, vol. 1)
ISBN: 978-3-643-91203-9
Lit-Verlag 2021

Houses of Religions are a new phenomenon in urban settings and promise to create a space with religious meaning for everyone in the city; or at least, to be much more than an ecumenical chapel, a church, a synagogue, a temple or a mosque.  Projects of Houses and Centers around the globe have contributed to this volume: Bern, Hannover, Berlin, Vienna, Stockholm, Munich, London, New York, Jerusalem, Taipei and Abu Dhabi.  Theoretical attempts to understand Houses of Religions and their creation of meaning within multicultural societies set the final accord.

Martin Rötting is professor of Religious Studies at the Department of Systematic Theology and the Centre for Intercultural Theology and Study of Religions at the University of Salzburg.