Key historical dates

The Paris Lodron University Salzburg | A timeline


GII1185_Matthäus Merian Saltzburg, 1644
Image credits: Matthäus Merian Saltzburg, 1644 || © PLUS | Beatrix Koll, UBS
On 4 October the imperial privilege to re-found a Salzburg University officially arrives in Salzburg. On 8 October the university is formally founded in the presence of Prince-Archbishop Paris Lodron.


Salzburg. Lithography. Vienna, Schönbergk, around 1860
Image credits: Salzburg. Lithography from around 1860 || © PLUS | Beatrix Koll, UBS
Salzburg becomes part of Bavaria in the course of the Napoleonic Wars, so the university is abolished and converted into a lyceum.


Opening of the Salzburg University Weeks in August 1931
Image credits: Opening of the SHW in August 1931 || © PLUS | UB Salzburg
The foundation of the Salzburg University Weeks was intended to promote the reestablishment of the University. The Catholic summer event is banned by the National Socialists in 1938. Since 1945 it has been held annually again.


Reopening of Salzburg University in 1964
Image credits: Rector Egon Lendl 1964 || © PLUS | Carl Pospesch
On 5 July 1962, the National Council decides to re-found the University of Salzburg, which is given the name "Alma mater Paridiana" by resolution of the Academic Senate – in memory of Archbishop Paris Lodron, the founder of the university.


Prof. René Marcic teaching, 1965/66
Image credits: Prof. René Marcic teaching, 1965/66 || © PLUS | Carl Pospesch
In 1964, the Faculty of Humanities begins its teaching activities. In 1965, a Faculty of Law and Political Science is added to the university.


Doctoral graduation ceremony in the Bibliotheksaula 15.12.1967
Image credits: Bibliotheksaula, doctoral graduation ceremony 1967 || © PLUS | Carl Pospesch
The Faculty of Humanities is divided into a Faculty of Humanities and a Faculty of Natural Sciences.


Freisaal, groundbreaking ceremony on 21.4.1982
Image credits: Hertha Firnberg at the groundbreaking ceremony in 1982 || © PLUS | Oskar Anrather
Groundbreaking ceremony at the new building in Freisaal, opened in 1986. Today it houses parts of the Faculty of Natural and Life Sciences and the Faculty of Digital and Analytical Sciences.


Image credits: Rudolfskai || © Luigi Caputo
The Faculty of Humanities (now the Faculty of Social Sciences) moves into the Rudolfskai – located directly on the Salzach.


Sala Terrana ceiling in the Toskanatrakt building
Image credits: Sala Terrana ceiling in the Toskanatrakt building || © Luigi Caputo || © Luigi Caputo
The Faculty of Law (now the Faculty of Law, Business and Economics) moves into the Toskanatrakt in Churfürststraße in the middle of Salzburg’s old town as well as the nearby Kapitelhäuser.


Image credits: UNIPARK Nonntal || © Luigi Caputo
The Unipark Nonntal is officially opened. The university building with its modern architecture is now home to the Faculty of Cultural Studies.


University building in Itzling
Image credits: University building in Itzling || © PLUS | Simon Haigermoser
A new university building is opened in the Itzling district for the natural science, technology, digital and analytical sciences of the PLUS.


Jubiläumsausstellung 2022_Mottobild
Image credits: Picture for the anniversary || © Hubert Auer
Paris Lodron University Salzburg celebrates its 400th founding year and receives a new structure with six – instead of four – faculties.