Apart from the department´s main teaching and research interests (Language, Linguistics, Literature and Culture of Great Britain und the USA) we also focus on other regions like Canda, Australia, South Africa and India. Naturally, the different research interests are not persued in isolation but from an inter-related, scientific and didactic perspective.

Research Focus

  • Multimodality and Inter-semtiotics in Hypertexts (language teaching software and web-sites of tourism)
  • Cultural Identity and culture related differences in the language of tourist web-sites
  • Methods in Discourse Analysis
  • Rites of Passage in Early Gothic Fiction
  • Diachronic Study of Romance and Its Relation to the Fantastic
  • Generis – Concept Mapping
  • Contemporary Literatures in English, Literature and Other Arts
  • Text Theory and Text Constitution
  • Comparative Study on the Phenomenon of Transitions
  • Genetic Engineering in British Science Fiction
  • Storytelling in Psychotherapy
  • Therapy as Discourse
  • Gender Studies
  • America and South Africa in intercultural comparison
  • South Africa Focus
  • The American Nineteenth Century in Literature and Culture
  • Didactics of Literature
  • Language Teaching Research
  • Multimodal Discourse in Advertising
  • Translation Studies