The department and its profile

English is a world language. English is an international means of communication in business, politics, science, advertising and information technologies. The Department of English & American Studies is proud of its research and teaching, which includes all important areas of the study of English as a world language: language skills, linguistics, cultural studies, didactics and multimedia, incorporating the needs of a modern, intercultural society. This orientation, combined with an awareness of the rapid changes in our society, is the focus in research and teaching. The Department of English & American Studies also offers the highest possible standard in teacher training, as didactic experience is combined with the latest research. Furthermore, the Department of English & American Studies is involved in a number of larger research projects that are co-financed or sponsored by external institutions (FWF, Ministry of Science or EU institutions). Furthermore, smaller projects are supervised by individual researchers or research groups. A lively number of doctoral students pursue their own projects as part of their dissertations.