Completed Research projects

A complete list of all current and completed projects of our institute can be found  here.

Early Venetian Opera and Literature of Incogniti (Early Venetian Opera and Incogniti Literature) FWF, Project Number 31859-G

  • Project management: Carlo Bosi Fund for the Promotion of Scientific Research
  • Project period: 1.5.2019 to 31.12.2023

Border Dancing Across Time FWF-Project, project number P 31958-G

  • Project management: Dr. Sandra Chatterjee, Dr. Franz Anton Cramer, Univ. Prof. Dr. Nicole Haitzinger
  • Project staff: MMag. Christina Gillinger-Correa Vivar, Mag. Gerrit Berenike Heiter, M.A.
  • Project period: 17.06.2019 to 31.12.2023

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Music in Motion: Migrations in occupied France (1940–1944) Foundation and Promotion Agency of the Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg, initiation funding

  • Project leader: Prof. Dr. Nils Grosch
  • Project idea and concept: Dr. Franziska Kollinger
  • Project staff: Dr. Franziska Kollinger
  • Project period: 01.04.2021-31.09.2021

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Lilli Lehman

  • Project management: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nils Grosch
  • Project staff: Rosamund Cole
  • Project period: 01.11.2019 – 30.04.2020. Discontinued because of COVID-19. Continue Guided tour: 01.09.2021 – 28.02.202

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Music, Migration and Mobility: The Legacy of Migrant Musicians from Nazi-Europe in Britain” Arts & Humanities Research CouncilIn cooperation with the London Royal College of Music and the Royal Hollway University of London

  • Project management: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Nils Grosch, Norbert Meyn, Peter Adey
  • Project staff: Natalie Stadler
  • Project period: 01. 09. 2019 – 31st 08. 2022

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The Small Rounded Two/Three-Part Form in Europe before the Genesis of the Viennese Classical Style – a Computer-Assisted Analysis FWF-Project, project number: P 29661

  • Project leader: Nils Grosch
  • Project idea, conception and implementation: Beate Kutschke
  • Project staff: Tobias Bachmann
  • Project period: 1November 2016 to 31 October 2020

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Music and migration

  • Project leader: Univ.Prof. Dr. Nils Grosch and Univ.Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gratzer (Mozarteum)
  • Project staff: Ulrike Präger, PhD and Susanne Scheiblhofer, PhD
  • Project period: 1. January 2018 to 30. June 2021

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Music Printing in German speaking Lands: From the 1470s to the mid-16th century. (FWF, Project No. 28353)

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The Austrian music film 1912-1933 (FWF, Project No. 28111)

  • Project leader: Claus Tieber
  • Staff: Anna Katharina Windisch (from the 2nd edition of the streets) year)
  • Project period: 1.7.2015-30.6.2018

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The ‘Operisti’ as a cultural network: insights and contexts of the Pirker correspondence (Italian Operisti as cultural network: insights and contexts of the Pirker correspondence) (FWF, Project No. 27420)

  • Project leader: Daniel Brandenburg
  • Staff: Mirijam Beier
  • Project period: 1.3.2015 to 28.2.2018

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The Gaspar van Weerbeke Edition (FWF, Project No. 26705)

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Bond and quote of monophonic melodies in secular and spiritual polyphony around 1500 (Borrowing and Citation of Monophonic Melodies in Secular and Sacred Polyphony Around 1500)

  • Project management: Dr. Carlo Bosi
  • Fund for the Promotion of Scientific Research (FWF, Project No. 27257)
  • Project period: 1.9.2014 to 31.8.2017

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Agorai Research Project

More about the project

Traversing the Contemporary (pl) (FWF, Project No. P24190)

Bond and quote monophonic melodies in the song around 1500

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