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Bachelor program Medical Biology

Content and subject of the bachelor’s degree program in medical biology

Biology is considered the leading science of the 21st century and has a significant impact on many areas of society. Within this context, medical biology explores the biological underpinnings of human health and disease. It combines the content of the various disciplines of the biological sciences to provide a multifaceted, biological understanding of topics essential to medicine. Courses range from the small-scale structure of the cell, to organs and organ systems, to the biology of complex interpersonal interactions. In addition to a solid scientific and experimental-analytical training in biomedically relevant topics of biology, students also receive fundamental knowledge in the disciplines of mathematics, chemistry and physics, which are important for the practical implementation of current research topics.In addition, graduates acquire important skills in the use of model systems in preclinical research. The bachelor’s program in Medical Biology is a good preparation for the advanced master’s programs in Medical Biology or Molecular Biology.

Qualification and occupational fields

With a solid and broad basic education, medical biologists have a wide range of career opportunities in private and public companies and institutions in the fields of health, medicine and clinical-pharmaceutical research. Graduates of the bachelor’s degree program in Medical Biology are qualified for the following careers, among others:

– Research and development in the field of health, pharmacy or pharmaceutical technology, but also in quality assurance in distribution
– Guided collaboration in connection with clinical studies and epidemiological investigations
– Medical or medical-technical research and development with appropriate previous education (economics, modern languages, …) or additional education (relevant non-university qualifications) are further occupational fields
– Health economics
– Science communication and education
– Public administration

The degree includes the preparation of a written bachelor thesis. A bachelor thesis in the bachelor program Medical Biology can be written within the framework of the accompanying seminar (bachelor thesis 1 ECTS). The thesis can be a small research project in the laboratory or a scientific literature review. As a guideline for the length of a written bachelor thesis, a length of 7000 – 9000 words is recommended. Details regarding form, language, and formatting should be discussed with the thesis advisor.


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