HRM group @ FM4

The working group Social Partnership (PLUS, JKU, University of Roskilde, AK Vienna, Forba), in which Astrid Reichel and Isabella Scheibmayr are involved, was asked for an interview by FM4. Our colleague and social partnership expert Thomas Paster, answered questions about the current railroad workers’ strike and social partnership in Austria on OKFM4.



Here you may find the interview!

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HRM group @ Young Investigators Award 2022


Young Investigators Award 2022


At the Night of Excellence, our team member Christina Fuchs was awarded 2nd place in the Young Investigators Award in the category ‘Exploring Law, Business and Economics’. With the Young Investigators Award, the PLUS has been honoring the best dissertation projects at the university for several years.


Young Investigators Award to Christina Fuchs



Ms Fuchs entered with her dissertation project “Human-technology interaction and is effects on organisational structures”

Congratulations from all of your HRM group colleagues!




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HRM group @ Research Seminar with Ewald Kibler (Aalto University)

presentation of Ewald Kibler


Ewald Kibler (Aalto University) presentedAge, Aging and Entrepreneurship” in the research seminar on November 22, 2022 onsite in room HS 212. He gave an overview of his ongoing research on late-career entrepreneurs including the effects of transition into self-employment for late-career entrepreneurs, consequences of entrepreneurship on health, well-being and income and how it relates to age, different types of entrepreneurial activities and the issue of age discrimination.


picture of Ewald Kibler
© Mikko Raskinen / Aalto University


We thank Ewald Kibler for his visit in Salzburg and the interesting insights on ageing and entrepreneurship he shared with us.

Future talks in the research seminar series you can find here.


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HRM group @ 12 Biennial International Conference of the Dutch HRM Network 

The 12th international conference of the Dutch HRM Network was held at the University of Twente in Enschede from November 9-11, 2022. The conference dedicated itself to the theme HRM for Resilient Societies: A Call for Actionable Knowledge” and covered topics of organizational and human resource resilience. 

Dutch HRM 2022


Christina Fuchs participated in the pHResh-Doctoral Consortium and presented her paper “Effects of digital communication on organizational structure”, co-authored with Astrid Reichel, in the conference-track “Imagining the (Distant) Future of Work”. 

Dutch HRM 2022
© Dutch HRM Network

Isabella Scheibmayr presented a study co-authored with Astrid Reichel and entitled “Bringing the algorithmic HR manager in: Workers’ responses to AI informed algorithmic performance evaluation” in the track “HRM, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence”.


The conference report can be found here.


Many thanks to the dutch HRM network and the local organizing team of the University of Twente! 

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HRM group @ Events “Sozialpartnerschaftliche Handlungsfelder”

The book “Sozialpartnerschaftliche Handlungsfelder: Continuities, Breaks and Perspectives”, edited by Susanne Pernicka with the contribution “We Agreed in the Sense of Compromise”- the Role of Social Partnership in the Introduction and Implementation of Mandatory Pay Disclosures in the Equal Treatment Act” contributed by Astrid Reichel and Isabella Scheibmayr (pp. 109-128) was presented at two events:

  • On September 7th, 2022, in the beautiful ambience of the lecture hall on the 6th floor of the Vienna Chamber of Labour, the presentation of selected scientific results and a high-level discussion on social partnership with Silvia Hruska-Frank (Director AK Vienna), Andreas Mörk (Managing Director Bundesparte Industrie, WKO), Eva Scherz (Collective Agreement Negotiator, GPA) took place.

Presentation of book at Vienna Chamber of Labour

  • On September 26th, 2022 the book was presented at the JKU. Introduced by Rector Lukas and presentations by Susanne Pernicka and Elias Felten, important representatives of the social partnership in Upper Austria, Gerald Silberhumer (Director WKOÖ), Max Stelzer (Head Human Resources voestalpine) and Ernst Stummer (Deputy Director AKOÖ), discussed the future of the social partnership.

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HRM group @ Book “Sozialpartnerschaftliche Handlungsfelder”

Picture of Book


The book „Sozialpartnerschaftliche Handlungsfelder: Kontinutitäten, Brüche und Perspektiven“, edited by Susanne Pernicka and published with Springer has appeard. It deals with fields of action for the Austrian Social Partnership. Astrid Reichel and Isabella Scheibmayr contributed the „Wir haben im Sinne eines Kompromisses zugestimmt.“ Die Rolle der Sozialpartnerschaft bei der Einführung und Implementierung verpflichtender Entgeltangaben im Gleichbehandlungsgesetz“ (p. 109-128) that investigates how actors of the Social Partnership participated in the discourse on how to implement a law that demands to publish the minimum wage in each job ad.

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HRM group @ Best Paper Award at AoM 2022

At the Academy of Management 2022 in Seattle, a joint paper from 5C (Cross Cultural Cooperation on Contemporary Careers) was selected as one of two papers that the jury found to be the best of all papers published in the field of career research 2021! Astrid Reichel is part of the team of authors who developed a scale for measuring career success.

Best Paper Award at AoM 2022




Thank you very much for this great honor!




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HRM group @ AoM 2022

From August 5-9, 2022, the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management was held in Seattle, USA. Astrid Reichel was represented in 3 Professional Development Workshops (PDW), a symposium and a paper session.

Astrid Reichel at AoM 2022

The PDW “Careers in the Rough” is a paper development workshop in which young researchers are helped to develop their articles, Astrid Reichel has taken this role for several years.

In the PDW “Showcasing The Global Human Resource Management Casebook, Third Edition”, the authors of an edited work that includes HRM case studies internationally worked to complete this publication.

Astrid Reichel - the Austrian Ambassador


In the PDW “International Early Career Scholars: How to Engage with the HR Division” organized by Michal Biron (Israel), young international scholars are introduced to the network of HR Ambassadors. Astrid Reichel serves as an ambassador for Austria.

In the symposium, “Covid-19’s Impact Upon Careers: Findings from a Global Study” Astrid Reichel is part of a team of authors working on the paper “Taking charge while taking care? The effect of gender and children on proactive career behaviors”. Thank you Marijke Verbruggen, KU Leuven, for the excellent lead.

In the paper session “Relational Perspectives In HRM” Astrid Reichel presented a joint paper with Christina Fuchs on “How Job Design Shapes Effective Communication for Relational Coordination in Remote Work”.

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HRM group @ 5C Meeting

On August 4, 2022, the biannual meeting of the Cross Cultural Collaboration on Contemporary Careers ( 5C) was held in Seattle, USA and online, where Astrid Reichel discussed the future of careers research with her international colleagues.

5C Meeting 2022Picture of 5C Meeting 2022

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HRM group @ AK Science Award


AK Science Award 2022
AK Wissenschaftspreis, Edmundsburg, Salzburg, 20221013, (c) wildbild



The master thesis on the effect of agility on worker satisfaction (original title: Einfluss von Agilität auf die Arbeitszufriedenheit) by Teresa Doll was awarded the science prize by the Chamber of Labour Salzburg (Arbeiterkammer Salzburg). The master thesis of Teresa Doll was supervised by Isabella Scheibmayr from the HRM group and empirically investigated the effects of agility (agile practices as well as agile organization culture) on worker satisfaction in the IT sector.

The empirical results show that agile organization culture positively affects worker satisfaction.


awarding ceremony to Teresa Doll

We congratulate Teresa Doll for this well-deserved prize!

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HRM group @ 9th Annual Conference of the Austrian Gender Studies Association (ÖGGF)

10 years after its foundation at the University of Salzburg, the Austrian Gender Studies Association (ÖGGF) again met in Salzburg for the 9th Annual ConferenceAstrid Reichel and Isabella Scheibmayr from the HRM group presented newest insights in the talk titled “The gendered constellation of institutional logics: Female doctors navigating leadership careers”. A vibrant and diverse program complemented over 50 talks from various areas of gender studies. The highlight were the two keynotes by Eliza Steinbock & Del LaGrace Volcano!

program of the meeting


We thank the organizational team for this exciting conference!

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HRM group @ isaScience 2022

isaScience, organized by the University of music and performing arts Vienna (mdw), took place from August 31st until September 4th in Reichenau an der Rax. This year’s topic of the international interdisciplinary conference was Un/Learning Norms and Routines in Cultural Practice. Isabella Scheibmayr gave a talk titled ‘Musical Notation as Institution‘ in the Panel on interrogating institutions.

picture of isaScience

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HRM group @ Kaiserschild Podcast

current Kaiserschild-Podcast

“Does digital communication provide sufficient space for employee voice?”  In the current episode of the Kaiserschild Podcast, Christina Fuchs talks to Sandra Sonnleitner about this question.


The podcast focuses on the article “The Missing Spark of Digital Channels: Digitalization and Informal Employee Voice Behavior” by Christina Fuchs and Astrid Reichel (published in: “Work from Home: Multi-level Perspectives on the New Normal“). In addition, first results of a mixed-methods research project of the HRM group Salzburg in cooperation with Petra Eggenhofer-Rehart and Lea Reiss from WU Vienna will be presented.

The Kaiserschild Foundation supports this research project as part of the Covid 19 special grant, for which we would like to express our sincere thanks!

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HRM group @ EGOS Colloquium Vienna



The 38th EGOS Colloquium took place from 7th to 9th July at the WU Vienna. This year’s theme was “Organizing: the beauty of imperfection”.

Astrid Reichel & Isabella Scheibmayr from the HRM group took part in the hybrid subtheme “Careers: Failure and Success in Changed Times” by presenting their paper on “The gendered logic of logics: Female doctors’ navigating specific constellations of logics to leadership careers”.

Prof. Astrid Reichel & Isabella Scheibmayr

We want to thank the organizers of the sub-theme, Thomas Schneidhofer, Monika Hamori, and Xiao Chen for organizing this insightful sub-theme and the local organizing team of EGOS for organizing this great conference!

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HRM group @ Extrajournal

The results of the paper Beating the advertising drum for the employer: How legal context translates into good HRM practice” by Isabella Scheibmayr and Astrid Reichel published in Human Resource Management Journal have been discussed in  Extrajournal

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HRM group @ Employer Branding Awards

On May 23rd, 2022, in Vienna, Parkhotel Schönbrunn, the Employer Brand Managers Club awarded the best  employer branding projects 2021/22 . Astrid Reichel was part of the  jury and reviewed a big number of interesting initiatives from companies varying in size and industry.

picture of the award ceremony



Congratulations to the winners and the organizers!




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HRM group @ BANDAS Center

On June 10, Astrid Reichel and Christina Fuchs visited the BANDAS Center (Business Analytics & Data Science) at the University of Graz and presented the paperEffective Communication for Relational Coordination in Remote Work. How Job Design Shapes User-Technology Interactions” in the HFDT BrownBag Seminar. This was followed by a workshop at the BANDAS Center.

in front of the BANDAS Center


We would like to thank Dr. Stefan Thalmann, Dr. Jürgen Fleiß and Christine Malin for the organization!

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HRM group @ e-HRM International Conference

Logo of e-HRM
8th e-HRM International Conference took place at the School of Business and Social Science in Aarhus (Denmark) from June 1st to 3rd. The conference was dedicated to the topicManaging human resources in digitalized organizations and ecosystems“. International researchers presented their research on digital HRM.

e-hrm paper



Christina Fuchs represented the HRM group with the paper “Effective Communication for Relational Coordination in Remote Work. How Job design Shapes User-Technology Interactions” (co-authored with Astrid Reichel).


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HRM group @ EIASM Workshop on Strategic HRM

The 37th Workshop on Strategic Human Resource Management of the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) was held on April 21st and 22nd at Minho University (Portugal). The theme of this year’s conference was “The Decade When Work Changed, Perhaps Forever.”.

EIASM participants


 Christina Fuchs presented the paper Effective Communication for Relational Coordination in Remote Work. How Job Design Shapes User-Technology Interactions (co-authored with Astrid Reichel).

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HRM group @ Harvard Business Review

In the Harvard Business Review Dagny Dukach mentions a paper by Astrid Reichel (The disabling effect of enabling social policies on organisations’ human capital development practices for women) in a Research Roundup on “How Women Experience the Workplace Today“. Many thanks for the interesting article

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HRM group @ 100 years VHB

The German Academic Association of Business Research (VHB) celebrated their 100-year-anniversary with a centenary conference in a digital format at the Heinrich-Heine University (HHU) of Düsseldorf. The centenary conference „100 years VHB“ was organized to think critically about the future of Business studies together.

Isabella Scheibmayr presented the paper „Who benefits from HRM professionalization. The moderating role of gender on professionalization in organizations“ (joint work with Astrid Reichel) in the session „Research on Gender and Discrimination“.

Isabella Scheibmayr


We thank the HHU and the organization team around Prof. Dr. Barbara Weißenberger for organizing the conference!

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HRM group @ Lecture Series 28.3.

In a series of lectures on “Gender, Diversity & Equality” (Mondays, 5:15 p.m.) on March 28th, 5:15 – 6:45 p.m. Astrid Reichel will give a talk entitled „It’s not YOU.“ The relevance of institutions for gender equality. The lecture will take place in person in HS 380 at the PLUS.

If you are interested, please join the event!

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HRM group @ Editorial Functions

Astrid Reichel has been appointed to the Editoral Board of Human Resource Management (ABS 4, ABDC A) AND as an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Human Resource Management (ABS 3, ABDC A) (starting May 1st, 2022). The two boards gather the leading international researchers in the field of HRM. It is a great honor to be selected as a board member and being given the opportunity to contribute to the future of HRM research!

MANY THANKS to the Editors in Chief for their excellent choice! 😉

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HRM group @ Human Resource Management Journal

The highly relevant findings of the paperThe disabling effects of enabling social policies” have already been debated in various media outlets. The article has now been published in Human Resource Management Journal.

Astrid Reichel, as the first author, together with Mila Lazarova (CAN), Eleni Apospori (GR), Fida Afiouni (LB), Maike Andresen (Ger), Janine Bosak (IR), Emma Parry (GB), Silvia Bagdadli (I), Jon P. Briscoe (USA), Martina Gianecchini (I), Pamela Suzanne (AR), and Mami Taniguchi (JP) shows that social policies aiming at enabling gender equality can actually have opposite effects. Analyzing the 5C data set the researchers show that more parental leave and more public childcare are actually negatively related to organizations’ investment in women’s human capital.

article in HRMJ

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HRM group @ PLUS-News

Our research on the amendment of the Equal Treatment Law was featured in the News section of the University of Salzburg’s website. Here you can read all about it!

The press release was published at  APA science as well:

article on APAscience


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HRM group @ Research Handbook on New Frontiers of Equality and Diversity at Work

The Research Handbook on New Frontiers of Equality and Diversity at Work, edited by Alain Klarsfeld, Lena Knappert, Angela Kornau, Eddy S. Ng and Faith W. Ngunijiri was published recently. This research handbook brings together equality and diversity aspects from different country perspectives. Isabella Scheibmayr and Astrid Reichel describe in their chapter, „At the European intersection: the Austrian way to equality, diversity and inclusion”, the implementation of mandatory pay information in job advertisements embedded in the Austrian context.

Cover of the Research Handbook

The chapter is available open access at Edgar Elgar Publishing.

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HRM group @ Kaiserschild-Conference

On January 22, 2022, the final scientific conference of the Dr. Hans-Riegel Foundation and the Kaiserschild Foundation on research related to the Covid 19 pandemic will take place. The two foundations selected 33 research projects from numerous applications for special funding.  The funded projects cover the entire spectrum of social and economic sciences.

At the final conference, the scientists will present their work and results to interested experts. Christina Fuchs (HRM group), Petra Eggenhofer-Rehart (WU Vienna) and Lea Reiss (WU Vienna) are presenting their project Home Office, sweet Home Office? Effects of digital communication media on stress and well-being during lockdown.

In their research, the scientists are investigating the effects of increased teleworking and the associated use of digital communication media in the extreme situation of a lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The conference is open to interested professional audiences. Please register in advance!

Logo of Hans-Riegel-Foundation    Logo of Kaiserschild-Foundation

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HRM group @ “personal manager”

Together with Marco Rapp and Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Astrid Reichel wrote an article in the practitioner journal “personal manager”. It has been published in Issue 1/2022. The paper shows and explains why – in contrast to many other occupations – HRM doesn’t suffer status loss despite large shares of women working in the field.

article in "personal manager"

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HRM group @ AK Wissenschaftspreis 2021

On December 13th, 2021 the “AK Wissenschaftspreis”, an award for excellent Masters’ and PhD. theses funded by the Austrian Chamber of Labor were presented in an online event with live music and champagne sent to the participants.

Astrid Reichel is a member of the jury for the category “Gerecht leben und arbeiten” (“fair living and working”). Congratulations to the winners!

Infos on the AK-Wissenschaftspreis


For 2022, please don’t hesitate to hand in your excellent Masters’ and PhD. theses!

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HRM group @ Work from Home

Recently, Christina Fuchs and Astrid Reichel published the article “The Missing Spark of Digital Channels: Digitization and Informal Employee Voice Behavior” in the  book “Work from Home: Multi-level Perspectives on the New Normal”. In this specialized issue, researchers from around the world address current questions about the impact of widespread mobile work on motivation, work-life balance, engagement, and many other exciting topics in the field of HRM.

picture of the book cover



In their article, Christina Fuchs and Astrid Reichel present current results on changes in employee voice behavior triggered by the digitalization of informal voice channels.

We would like to thank the Kaiserschild Foundation for funding our research around the effects of increased digitization of communication channels in the wake of the Covid-19 induced home office.


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