Overview of projects and radiological investigations in the Federal State of Salzburg

  • EC-Project BRIDGE: Cross border measures after a large scale catastrophe
    EC-Project CAST: Comparative assessment of security-centred training curricula for first responders on disaster management in the EU
  • NATO: Impact of terror attacks on a Nuclear Power Plant
               Catastrophic terrorism and first responders
               On scene: New challenges for first responders and civil protection

  • Chromosomal aberration in human blood after the Chernobyl fallout

  • Transport of radionuclides in the river Traun and Traun-sediments

  • ÖNRAP Austrian National Radon Project

  • EU-Project CESER: Countermeasures – Environmental and Socio-economic responses – a long term evaluation

  • Radalp 1: Altitude dependency of radionuclide transfer and its impact on alpine agriculture

  • Radalp 2: Assessment of the hydrosphere and microbial biomass in the framework of radioecological monitoring of alpine habitats. Methods and quantification.

  • Cs and Sr distribution on alpine pastures in the Salzburg Hohe Tauern mountains and radionuclide activities in agricultural produce
  • Cryoconites: Radioactivity on glaciers

  • Radioactivity in mushrooms

  • Radon concentration survey in selected schools in the state of Salzburg