RMLS Duties

  • Routine tasks and continuous measurements
    Periodic reports to the state government
    More than 25.000 measurements of environmental samples and foodstuff since 1988
    Periodic calibration and control measurements

  • Maintaining the permanent operational readiness
    Radioactivity measurements laboratory for alpha-, beta- and gamma emitter
    Aerosol measurement instrumentation

  • Training and further education of staff
    Guest lectures
    Research projects with application of new methods

  • Advisory capacity for the state government bodies
    Advisory service for the state government with regard to radiation protection
    Membership in the Austrian Standards Institute in radiation related national standardization committees

  • Scientific projects
    Studies on transfer factors and transport of radionuclides
    In-situ gamma-spectrometry
    Radiometric measurement methods
    Biological effects of radioactive radiation
    Nuclear terrorism and radiological terrorism (dirty bomb)
    Database on international nuclear illicit trafficking (DSTO)

  • EU – Projects
    EC-Project BRIDGE: Cross border measures after a large scale catastrophe
    EC-Project CAST: Comparative assessment of security-centred training curricula for first responders on disaster management in the EU
    CESER – Side effects of countermeasures after nuclear contamination

  • Cooperation with national and international institutions, invitation of guest lecturers
    Research Centre Seibersdorf / Austria
    International Atomic Energy Agency / Austria
    AGES / Austria
    Central Research Institute for Physics / Hungary
    University Seville / Spain