Antwerp GED

The Antwerp Gas-Electron Diffractometer from Frank Blockhuys’ group, will soon be moved to Salzburg.

Boron cluster orbital

Amazing KS orbital from a boron cluster type compound. Lobes appear to be knotted like in knitwear.

temperature dependency of Ag..Ag contacts

Bis(silver(I)biscarben) complex cations show an exceedingly large temperature tempendent structural variation. We have found out that a large part of the effect can be explained by the shallow and anharmonic Ag…Ag interaction potential. Scalar relativistic effects give a small but decisive additionally attractive contribution. [50]

selection of X-ray strcutures of beryllium compunds

Selected solid state structures (XRD) from previously unknown beryllium compounds I have prepared and characterised for the first time. References are to be found (from left to right, top to bottom) in:
basic beryllium benzoate [4]; mixed Li/Be hydoxylamide cluster  [56]; basic beryllium fluoro benzoate [39];
hydroxo derivate of basic beryllium fluoro benzoate [39]; basic beryllium mesitylcarboxylate [4];  berylliumchloride pyridine complex [7];
beryllium bis(isopropyl hydroxylamide) [47]; unpub.; berylliumchloride diethylamine complex [7].

LiCoPO4/LiF in graphite curcible after hightemperature solid reaction

The Antwerp Gas-Electron Diffractometer from Frank Blockhuys’ group, will soon be moved to Salzburg.