Media channels


We support the following media channels for the entire PLUS:


A – Z

  • Alumni-Fest
  • Brochures (Bachelor, Master)
  • CommUNIty (Uni Blog)
  • Cross-Media campaigns
  • Email Lists
  • Facebook
  • Flyers
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Instagram
  • KinderUNI
  • Open Day
  • Panorama:Uni
  • Paris Lodron Ball
  • news, events
  • PLUS Dossiers
  • PLUS Report
  • Posters
  • Press releases
  • Salzburger UNI Nachrichten (news supplement)
  • Salzburger Vorlesungen (lecture series)
  • SchülerUNI
  • Twitter

A master programme brochure, a media library and a new merchandising line are also in the planning stages.

Other social media channels

External communication at the PLUS is no longer exclusively in the hands of the Department of Communications and Fundraising. This is not unique to the PLUS, but a result of the digital transformation. Faculties, departments and other organisational units (OE) are building their own social media channels. These are listed with the respective OE under “NEWS, Events & Social Media”.

Vimeo and Flickr are managed by the AV-Studio.