Core tasks

The work of the Communication and Fundraising Department is divided into four main areas:



Strategy is every day. It includes implementing the new PLUS brand and the ongoing adjustments within our operative communication.

Grünes Farbquadrat

Print media

Press & Print

Good contacts in the press, reprints of press releases and interviews, and high-quality publications continue to be of great value to the University of Salzburg.

PLUS Report 2020, Cover


Cross Media

The PLUS Desk uses various digital and non-digital channels (cross media) to disseminate news and topics via the PLUS media channels.




We oversee all events assigned by the rectorate which are organised for both university members and the general public.

Business People


Other agendas

Events for children and teens

Science for Kids & Teens

Science for Kids & Teens aims to bring science closer to children and teens in a fun way (page in German).

Kids research

Graduate network

Alumni Club

The Alumni Club is the PLUS’s alumni network. Over 3,500 members use its information services and attend special alumni events.

Siegel der PLUS

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