Welcome to the academic group of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy!

We are pleased to welcome you and would like to introduce ourselves briefly:
Philosophy of law and social philosophy is a reflective science of legal thinking: it reflects about legal thought in jurisprudence and in legal practice. Insofar as legal philosophy reflects on this, it operates as a theory of legal science and distinguishes it from legal practice. Legal science and legal practice have law as their object. As a theory of law, legal philosophy elaborates the concept of law and distinguishes it from morality or other social orders. Identified by its form, law expresses a certain claim to correctness of its content. As legal ethics legal philosophy evaluates these claims with respect to the principle of justice.
In Salzburg philosophy of law is represented by Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stephan Kirste and his team.
The team is broadly positioned and deals, for example, with questions of the history of legal philosophy, philosophical foundations of human rights, business ethics, fictionality in and of law, populism, legal argumentation, methodology, medical ethics, law and literature, legal logic and the theory of jurisprudence.
Above all, we teach the core competence of critical text study and argumentation as well as knowledge of the foundations of law and its relations to society, also in its dimension of the history of ideas.

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Churfürststrasse 1
A-5020 Salzburg
Phone.: +43 662/8044-3555
Fax: +43 662/6389-3555

This is how you find us:

Our academic group is located in the Toskanatrakt of the Faculty of Law (= Churfürststr. 1). The Toskanatrakt has two courtyards connected by an intermediate wing. In this intermediate wing you will find the Sala Terrena, from which you can also reach the Faculty Library. You will find the library if you cross the Sala Terrena diagonally to the left. If you cross the Sala Terrena diagonally to the right, you will come to the atrium staircase (stairwell). If you follow this staircase to the first floor, you will find yourself in front of a glass door behind which lies the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy. Straight down the corridor you will find our secretariat (126c). To the left and right of the corridor and diagonally to the right further back are the offices (117a, 120, 125a, 125b and 128) of our team. If you have difficulties finding a specific office, the secretariat will help you.