International Research Stay

Alff IDThe Paris Lodron University of Salzburg is characterized by the promotion of interdisciplinary exchange and international cooperation. This includes the cooperation with Hannah Alff’s home university PUCRS in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Her supervisor, Prof. Marco Jobim, and coordinator, Prof. Ingo Sarlet, encouraged her to complete part of her dissertation at the partner university PLUS as part of the CAPES-PrInt scholarship program and to combine this with a research stay in Salzburg. Prof. Dr. Stephan Kirste will serve as her supervisor at PLUS, as his research interests overlap with Ms. Alff’s topic. Although her dissertation focuses on Brazilian civil procedural law, it also includes the theoretical foundations of legal philosophy. These foundations are essential for a comprehensive understanding of legal consequentialism, the economic analysis of law, the interpretation of decisions, and the optimization of judicial responses to disputes. The dissertation focuses in particular on the modus operandi of the Brazilian judiciary and the analysis of arguments from legal philosophy.

We are delighted to support Ms. Alff during her research stay in Salzburg and are convinced that this collaboration will lead to further significant results in the field of law.

[Date: January 2024]

Presentation: Handbook of the History of the Philosophy of Law

History of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy

On October 4th, Prof. Gianfrancesco Zanetti (Modena/Bologna), Prof. Mortimer Sellers (Baltimore) and Prof. Stephan Kirste (Salzburg) presented their “Handbook of the History of the Philosophy of Law” at an international symposium at the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo in Modena. This handbook provides an overview of the history of the philosophy of law from antiquity to the present day based on articles by authors from all over the world. 

Click here to access volumes  1,  2 and  3

[Date: October 2023]

Conference Women Philosophers of Law

PhotoLast Thursday and Friday, the meeting of the Working Group on the History of Ideas of the German Section of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (IVR) took place. The central theme of the event was the significant contributions of German-speaking women thinkers to legal and social philosophy up to the year 2020. The intensive discussions and lively presentations helped to paint a multi-faceted picture of the historical influences of these women. The participants showed a strong interest not only in the ideas presented, but also in the meeting itself. We are pleased with the successful outcome of the meeting and thank all participants for their dedicated participation. We look forward to upcoming events and to continuing to bring the rich history of women thinkers into focus in our discussions.

Here you will find the Conference Women Philosophers of Law homepage:

[Date: September 2023]

Beautiful New World of Work?

Schöne neue Arbeitswelt

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, our working environment has changed dramatically. Digitization has received an enormous boost, which has given us greater flexibility and autonomy. But in spite of all advantages, there are also dark sides to a world dominated by digital media. This is precisely the topic that Ass.- Prof. Dr. Traunwieser adressed in her recent contribution to the “Beautiful New World of Work?”. 

Cou can find the article under:  Neue Arbeitswelt 

[Date: October 2022]

Self-determined work in a digital world of work?Selbstbestimmtes Arbeiten

In a commentary by Ass.- Prof. Dr. Traunwieser in the journal Criticus emphasizes the relevance of self-determined work. The need to take the courage to develop new ways of working and to give employees the freedom to think and work creatively has bcome a central aspect of the world of work, especially in the last years of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Click here to read the article:  Selbstbestimmtes Arbeiten.

[Date: June 2022]

Interview on the topic of economic ethics in the magazin Anwalt Aktuell

Interview mit Anwalt AktuellIn the October edition 05/21 of the professional journal Anwalt Aktuell, Dr. Silvia Traunwieser gave an interview that deals with the light and dark sides of business ethics. It also addresses issues such as home-office, corruption, whistleblowing and human dignity in the 21st century. You can find the article under:
[Date: October 2021]

New YouTube video on the topic of “Rechtliche Vergangenheitsbewältigung – eine rechtsphilosophische Perspektive”.

Coverbild Youtube-Video Vergangenheitsbewältigung
In his new video, Dr. Stephan Kirste once again takes the perspective of legal philosophy, and this time dedicates himself to the legal process of dealing with the past – a topic on which Dr. Kirste recently wrote an essay that for the first time sets out a legal-philosophical theory of the legal process of dealing with the past. Whoever is interested, can find the video again on our YouTube channel  LSP Talks
[Date: June 2021]



Online lecture on the topic ” Home Office: Desk-Sharing als automatische Konsequenz?”

Vortrag Traunwieser
On 5 May 2021, the second part of the TALK series of the ÖBSV took place on the topic of “How do we get things moving in the home office? Among the speakers was Dr. Silvia Traunwieser, who gave a lecture on home office from a business ethics perspective. For those interested in listening to the lecture, it is available on  YouTube.
[Date: May 2021]

New YouTube video on the topic of “Populism in the perspective of legal philosophy”



In his new video, Dr. Stephan Kirste again takes the perspective of legal philosophy and discusses the topic of populism – a topic on which Dr. Stephan Kirste and Dr. Norbert Paulo recently published a book. For an auditory-visual look into this new publication, we may refer you to our YouTube channel  LSP Talks.
[Date: May 2021]

Cover Populism


New publication

Dr. Kirste and Dr. Paulo present their new book  Populism. Perspectives From Legal Philosophy” vor.
All information can be found here.
[Date: April 2021]


Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des Bildes


Awards in research and teaching

On Friday, 11.12.2020, Dr. Silvia Traunwieser was honoured with the Distance Teaching Award and Dr. Kristin Albrecht with a Young Investigators Award by the Rector of the University of Salzburg.
[Date: December 2020]


New YouTube channel

YouTube-Kanal LSP Talks

The “Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy” of the University of Salzburg is now represented on Youtube with its own channel “LSP Talks”. In these talks on Legal and Social Philosophy (LSP for short), our lecturers of the “Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy” talk about legal and social philosophical topics they are currently dealing with and give viewers a condensed but deeper look into the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, thereby creating the opportunity to critically engage with questions of legal philosophy on their own.
Click here to go to our official YouTube channel  LSP Talks.
[Datum: Juni 2020]

Rechtsphilosophie Einführung 2. Auflage


New publication

Dr. Kirste presents his new book  „Rechtsphilosophie – Einführung“.
All information regarding the new publication can be found here.
[Date: March 2020]


Lecture on the topic “Populism as a Threat to Liberal Democracy”

Dr. Kirste “Angry Times. Populism and Demcracy Discontent”

On 13-14 February 2020, the international conference “Angry Times. Populism and Democracy Discontent” took place at Tallinn University. During the conference, Dr. Kirste spoke on the topic “Populism as a Threat to Liberal Democracy”. The link to the YouTube video can be found  here.
[Date: February 2020]


Research stay in London

Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des Bildes

In June 2019, Dr Kristin Albrecht completed a research stay at King’s College London, Yeoh Tiong Lay Centre for Politics, Philosophy & Law at the invitation of Dr John Tasioulas. She used her time there to research comparative law aspects of her dissertation in depth.
Photo source: Kristin Y. Albrecht
[Date: June 2019]


Successful dissertation defence

Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des Bildes

On 26 June 2019, our university assistant Dr. Kristin Albrecht successfully defended her dissertation on “Fictions in Law”.
Members of the examination committee included Dr. Stephan Kirste (main supervisor and first examiner), Dr. Friedrich Lachmayer (secondary supervisor, University of Innsbruck), Dr. Christoph Bezemek, B.A., LL.M. (Yale) (second examiner, University of Graz), Dr. Georg Graf, MA and. Dr. Otto Lagodny.
Photo source: Renate Schönmeyer, MA
[Date: June 2019]