Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy –
Lectures, Exams and scientific theses



You can find an overview of our current courses on  PLUSonline.

Exams – “Introducation to the Philosophy of Law”

The exam registration for the course “Introduction to the Philosophy of Law” has to be done exclusively via  PLUSonline. Prior to the exam, you will be provided with the necessary information on the structure, procedure, literature and permitted aids in good time on the  e-learning platform „Blackboard ULTRA“. On the e-learning platform, you will also find sample exams including solutions for preparation (under the menu item “Klausur Informationen” → “Detailinformationen” → “Tipps und Infos zur inhaltlichen Vorbereitung” → “Anonymisierte Musterklausuren”). Auf der E-Learning-Plattform finden Sie zudem Musterklausuren inklusive Lösung zur Vorbereitung (unter dem Menüpunkt „Klausur“ → „Klausur-Detailinformationen“ → „Tipps und Infos zur inhaltlichen Vorbereitung“ → „Anonymisierte Musterklausuren“). Please note, however, that you only have access to the e-learning platform “Blackboard ULTRA” if you have previously registered for the course via PLUSonline. In addition, please bear in mind that synchronisation with the e-learning platform may take up to one day after registration before you can access the course.

Diploma theses, Master’s theses and Dissertations

A current list of possible topics from the field of legal and social philosophy that may be considered for diploma theses, master’s theses and doctoral dissertations can be found here. The theses can be written in German or English. If one of the topics has aroused your interest, we would be pleased if you contact us regarding a supervision agreement.

For your inspiration, we also provide examples of diploma theses and dissertations that have already been supervised. You can access some of these theses online in  ePLUS, the other theses and dissertations can be borrowed from the  university library