Pastoral and parish internship with accompanying seminar

The educational statutes of the (arch)dioceses provide for an obligatory accompanied pastoral/parish internship. As a result of the Bologna Process, the Faculty of Theology of the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg offers the possibility of crediting the internship within the theological curricula in the sense of knowledge and skills acquired outside the university system (“soft skills”). In cooperation with the Archdiocese of Salzburg, the Chair of Pastoral Theology at PLUS offers the Pastoral/Parish Internship. It consists of two complementary parts: the internship and the accompanying seminar. Consequently, only a combination of the internship and the accompanying seminar can be taken. Both extend over an entire academic year (beginning in the winter semester, ending in the immediately following summer semester). Depending on the course of study, the course can be taken and credited as follows:

Catholic Professional Theology:

The pastoral/parish internship can be freely chosen (module code FT D TM7/Begleitseminar und Praktikum Pastoral Praxis). 9 ECTS are awarded.

BA – Christian Culture, Transformation & Communication:

The pastoral/parish internship is a mandatory part of the curriculum (module code CKTK S2/courses CKTK S2.1 and CKTK S2.3). There will be 11 ECTS predefined. A mandatory part in the workload of 2 ECTS on the topic of pastoral innovation is integrated in this.BA – Catholic Religious Education:The pastoral/parish internship can be freely chosen (module code RP B TM6). 9 ECTS are awarded.

BA – Secondary School Teaching Degree in Catholic Religion (combined with another teaching subject):

With this pastoral/parish internship can be freely chosen (within the framework of the free electives). There is a creditability of 6 ECTS in the BA and 4 ECTS in the MA. 9 ECTS are awarded.

Procedure and obligatory contents of the pastoral/parish internship with seminar:

1. enrollment via the university online system and at the same time a registration by means of the registration form at the training management of the Archdiocese of Salzburg (the form is provided on the homepage of the Department of Practical Theology and on the homepage of the training management of the Archdiocese).2. personal interview with the director of formation to clarify your internship assignment.3. active participation in the two-day introductory seminar in the WS.4. supervised pastoral/parish internship over one academic year (100 hours parish or 80/20 = 80 hours parish, 20 hours categorical pastoral care – as agreed with the director of formation).5. active participation in the one-day reflection seminar at the beginning of the following SoSe.6. presentation of the internship (ppp) at the final event in the summer semester. 7. submission of the internship portfolio with a written reflection section as specified by the professor of pastoral theology.


In order to complete the Pastoral/Parish Internship, two registrations are mandatory.1st University:Through the university online system, you must register for the “Pastoral Practice Internship” course in the WS and for the “Accompanying Pastoral Practice Seminar” course in the SS.2. archdioceseUsing the form attached to the “Pastoral/Parish Internship Information Brochure” available on the Department of Practical Theology homepage and on the Archdiocesan Director of Formation homepage. Please note the deadline for registration in the brochure!

Crediting of ECTSCredit may be given for the internship if the following criteria are met: 1. active participation in the university accompanying and reflection units;2. the positively completed internship according to the training statutes of the Archdiocese; 3. the presentation of the internship (with ppp) at the final meeting;4. the written composition of a portfolio – For students in the “BA – Christian Culture, Transformation & Communication”, an additional performance as specified by the professor of Pastoral Theology (in the context of Pastoral Innovation) is mandatory.

Before registering for the parish/pastoral internship, it is recommended to consult and agree in advance with the Professor of Pastoral Theology, Univ.-Prof. Dr. habil. Salvatore Loiero, and the director of formation for pastoral vocations of the Archdiocese of Salzburg and lecturer for the pastoral/parish internship, Ms. Maria Neubacher BEd, M.Theol.

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