Fundamental Theology

Fundamental theology (as a science of faith) reflects on the contents and practices of Christian faith on the basis of biblical revelation and in the light of church tradition, in order to interpret them in a contextually relevant way in the signs of the times.

In doing so, it draws on philosophical as well as specifically theological methods of justification and is theologically rationally responsible for the Christian faith in its dogmatic concepts in the ecumenical and interreligious horizon.

In the classical form of demonstratio religiosa, demonstratio christiana and demonstratio catholica, it faces the challenge of whether it is rationally justifiable to believe in the God of Jesus Christ in the faith community of the (Catholic) Church.

In this context, fundamental theology deals with the discourses of criticism of religion, justification of faith, revelation, theological epistemology and philosophy of science and, in this context, ecclesiology – whereby the corresponding problems are addressed in contact with information, questions and methods from religious and cultural studies.