Information for applicants

Every job advertisement at the PLUS includes the following request for applicants with disabilities or chronic illnesses:

If applicants state that they have a condition/disability, someone from our office will be present should they be invited to an interview. Our office is consulted as we have the greatest expertise in the field of disabilities/chronic illnesses and we are available to assist the heads of departments or decision-making bodies when it comes to this sensitive subject. We do not assume that the interviewer will intentionally ask discriminatory questions, but by being present and covering this topic, we should ensure that interviewers can concentrate on the essential questions of the interview. We will also make sure to ask if there are any special requirements in the workplace or work processes due to the disability. The University of Salzburg has a duty of care towards its employees as an employer, and if the applicant is sucessful, the University would take steps to ensure that the necessary adaptations are made.