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Language Meetup of the PLUS

The Language Meetup offers you the opportunity to practice your language skills, discover new languages and meet interesting people who are as passionate about languages as you are. Regardless of your current language level, you can attend our meetings and exchange ideas in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Gruppe an Austauschenden

Who can participate?

Beginners – advanced

Our meetings are designed to give both beginners and advanced students the opportunity to expand and develop their language skills. Our experienced facilitators will be on hand to guide the discussions in different languages and ensure that all participants feel comfortable. We invite you to join us, explore new languages and strengthen your intercultural skills, and be part of this diverse language community at the Paris Lodron University of Salzburg. Learn more about our upcoming meetings, topics, and registration from the following pages. We are looking forward to seeing you.

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  1. Language Meetup: My place(s)
  2. Language Meetup: My languages
  3. Language Meetup: Celebrating festivals
  4. Language Meetup:


General information

You will find the answers to the frequently asked questions about the Language Meetup below.


  • How long does each meetup last?

    Each meeting is about 2 hours long.

  • Where and when does the Language Meetup take place?

    Different places. In order to keep the Language Meetup diverse, we are planning to use different locations. You can find more information about the next Language Meetup here.

  • How does a meetup work?

    There will be 7-8 language tables per Language Meetup with a moderator. This person is an expert in this language and moderates the discussion. This means, for example, that Japanese is spoken at one table, moderated by an expert for Japanese, English at another table, Arabic at another table, and so on. It is best to start with the language in which you have appropriate knowledge and exchange with other speakers at this table. This can be a language that you have learned, but it can also be your first language in which you want to share your experiences. Participants can help each other or switch between languages, i.e., use their entire linguistic repertoire.

  • Do I have to stick to one language?

    The motto is not necessarily: one table – one language, but one table – one language and much more. You do not always have to stay at one table, quite the opposite: at the Language Meetup you can move freely and contribute to several conversations/tables according to your own language skills and preferences. You can also discover new languages.


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